Dang that 8MM, lol!

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  1. Dang that 8MM Vigilante, lol!

    Well, 8mm whet my whistle.

    I went looking for an M96 but, the only one Big 5 had was covered in cosmolene and it was impossible to tell the condition.

    Well, to make a short story long, I rode back home, missed my exit and ended up in Prescott Valley. Well, to say the least, I wanted to stop for a beer but my truck pulled off into Prescott Valley Guns.

    I wandered around in a state of stupper until my eyes fell on the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.....she was 80 years old but dang, she had good lines! As I eyed her I knew I had to have her...I was lusting for her! When I touched her I realized I couldn't keep my hands off her! Dang, I know I'm a dengerate now!

    She responded with an aura that I have never felt and I knew it was love....the greatest love a man could feel for a gun.

    Anyway, I proposed to her and she accepted. I walked out with a PRISTENE 1925 Carl Gustaf M95 mauser! It is immaculate and gentlemen, I mean immaculate!

    The barrel was clean and shiny with great grooves.

    The receiver and barrel had absolutely NO RUST or pitting and I would grade it 95%!

    The stock is cherry wood colored...with NO dents, nicks, etc.

    Her vital statistcs all matched...bolt, bolt handle and receiver!

    It came out of a private collection and I have to hand it to the guy who had it because he sure took care of it.

    I know her taste in food (6.5X55) is a little expensive...but I'll savor every morsel I share with her.

    I wish I knew how to post a pic so everyone could share my joy!

    My wife tolerates my hobby but, even she had to admit, she thought my new love was gorgeous too and she let 'her' in the house. (Gawd, I got two loves in my life, lol).

    Well, I can blame it on 8MM!, he he he he.....God bless him!

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  2. i take full responsability for that, in fact since i'm responsible, i'll be glad to take that rifle off your hands if you wish :D :D :D

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    I've always liked a good love story!
  4. Eric

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    That would definately rate as one of my favorite love stories! AWESOME!