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As far as I know Danner unfortunately no longer has widths that work for me except maybe some of the milspec/approved boots.
I did have a pair of custom ordered all leather black goretex lined boots I got in 1985. Unfortunately for whatever reason, genetics maybe? I ended up going from a 13EEE to a 14EEEE.
The Danners I used from 1985 until 2000 ,or so I even used them sans socks in the late spring, summer and earl Fall to get some use until they got too tight and I started getting hammer toed.
Shame as until then they were nice and fit me like a glove. Outlasted 2 of their low cut lightweight hikers of that era.
Today I'm forced to use Avenger Boots ordered through I got I pair of all leather hikers and a part of composite safety toe ones I nicknamed my "Herman Munsters".
Nothing wrong with Danner except for my jr sasquatch sized feet.😁
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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