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They are my go to boot as well....many years ago a few of us decided to take a motorcycle trip through the Adirondacks. It was early May, we left NW CT at 9am it was cold and raining. I had my Danner boots on and my feet never got cold nor wet. When we got to about Amenia NY it was colder and raining harder. One of the crew stopped in to the hardware store and bought a pair of rubber gloves to keep his hands dry...when he came out his boots were squishing. I asked him if his Hermans were soaked he said yes and cold too.. when we got to about Hoosick NY we stopped and I asked if anyone wanted to divert to Vermont. We had a home in Bennington and it was close and warm and we could put the bikes in the barn...the crew agreed. When we got to the house everyone changed out of their wet closthes into dry ones and hung the wet stuff up to dry in the furnace room. Everyone elses feet were soaked and cold...I must have sold 3 pair of Danners that day! We all still swear by these well made boots..
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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