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About 35 years ago I bought a pair of heavy leather Danner boots for hunting and hiking. Been using them all these years in all kinds of weather, and though they look pretty rough it’s kind of amazing that they’re still hanging in there. But I wanted to upgrade to a lighter boot made with Gore-Tex, so just bought these Danner Pronghorns:


Will they last as long as my old leather Danner boots? Maybe not, but we'll see.

Danner wasn't my only choice. I also looked at Lowa and Zamberlan boots. Very high quality, but geez, $450 for a pair of hunting boots? Couldn't get my brain wrapped around such high prices for footwear, especially when it came to other brands that were made in China, so stayed with Danner at half that cost. Guess guns, ammo, and primers aren't the only things which are ridiculously priced these days.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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