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    That adle-brained idiot that thinks he is running for senator, spouted the term "Dark Winter" several times on Thursday night, during the debate with President Trump. Since President Trump, and the American public, had no idea about the 2001 gubmint exercise by that name, no one paid any attention to it. Well, a few folks did................

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    That’s some scary s#!t !!
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    Apparently that article is being censored. I click on it get about 2 seconds of reading and it flashes to a not found screen. Guess I will have to try it later when I can get to my secured browser.:(:(:(:(
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    New York
    I read the article. There is a significant difference between the "Dark Winter" scenario referenced by Clueless Joe (and I would like to know how he learned of it; in 2001 when the exercise was staged, with no one in the government participating by the way, Bidumb was the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which would have no involvement in a domestic scenario) and the covid crisis President Trump is dealing with: The "Dark Winter" exercise postulated an attack by a foreign power using smallpox.

    Smallpox is a known disease, with known vectors, and proven vaccines (which in the exercise had millions of doses in government stockpiles, just not the hundreds of millions of doses American would need to safeguard the population; and presumably the ability to produce more vaccine quickly, with no new R&D required). Covid-19 is a new disease with no vaccine currently available. The Dip$hit from Delaware is comparing apples and oranges.

    Also, anyone over the age of 40 or so was probably vaccinated as a child. Anyone who served in the military prior to 1984 or so probably got the smallpox vaccine when they went through basic training and endured the Attack of the Air Guns at the Base Hospital. So there is already a significant percentage of the population that has been vaccinated. I suspect I'm like many Baby Boomers. I was vaccinated when I was a baby. I was vaccinated again when I joined my first ship because I was on the West Africa run, and at that time smallpox was endemic in Africa.

    Applying Google Fu, I learn that approximately a quarter of the U.S. population are Baby Boomers, and another quarter Gen Xers. I don't know if the Millennials who volunteered for the military got the smallpox vaccine or not. I suspect not, but I may be wrong. But it might at least diminish the impact of an attack using smallpox.

    Further, we already know how to make a working smallpox vaccine. It would be grim, but we could deal with it, and I don't know if it would be as bad as Dark Winter 2001 postulated. The biggest problem would be prioritizing who gets new new production vaccine first -- not just ages, but locations. I can hear the Black Lies Matter crowd and the antifa screaming already that preference is being given to the rich honkies and their larvae, with the people of color sucking hind tit. That would be the most probable scenario for civil disorder.

    That is not the situation with Covid-19. We have no vaccine, no drugs that treat it effectively, and are not even sure if it is a respiratory or vascular disease. None of the vaccines under development are even close to approval, much less going into series production. It is not the same situation Bidumb brayed about, no matter what the few working neurons in his brain might think.

    Bidumb is trying to make Trump look like an incompetent bungler who is solely at fault for the situation in America today. He is not solely to blame, though I feel he could have dealt with the crisis much better than he did. And I would very much like to see someone in the media ram this "Dark Winter" business right up Joe Biden's a$$ as the misdirection it is.
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    Talk about a dog whistle
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    As a Alaskan, I know all about Dark Winters. ;)
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    Ten Man: Sir; just imagine “Joe” in charge

    Here’s a summary of the exercise, via the Center for Health Security:

    The Dark Winter exercise portrayed a fictional scenario depicting a covert smallpox attack on U.S. citizens. The scenario is set in 3 successive National Security Council (NSC) meetings which take place over 2 weeks. Former senior government officials played the roles of NSC members; media representatives were among the observers and played journalists during the mock press conferences. The exercise was held at Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, DCSHOW LESS
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    I think Trump's major fault is (I get it he has an ego and is a tough guy to work with) in trusting people who shouldn't be trusted. Fauci has expertise but also is a statist entrenched in a bubble of statists. AND has been wrong on many occasions. So while it might be valuable to rely on opinions commensurate with a situation, Trump ALSO needs to look beyond these at his track record but also propensity to go beyond what his capabilities are (hubris).

    It's OK to be in 'don't know' land ("Masks MIGHT be helpful but we really don't have any indication using these by the general public does any good--it might, it might not."). In fact, a GOOD scientist is up front about this.

    By selecting him as an 'expert', Trump placed himself in the difficult position of having to back and then renounce advice given by him. Which is a tough position to be in because this can be used against you. A better approach is in selecting a few (humble) people with differing views and then saying 'this is what our panel thinks at this point in a situation which will remain dynamic.' Now perhaps he SHOULD have known from his track record that he's been wrong as much as he's been right (which is expected when you're dealing with pathogens which are new and don't fit a 'box'). So to temper any advice given by him as 'best available' information (which might be wrong).

    Not unlike a weather forecast (and of similar reliability).
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    I think Weather Liars are more reliable. :rolleyes:
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