"Darkening" those new leather slings

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    Here's tip that I thought of; not sure if anyone else has tried it or not but those new leather slings from MRT, etcetera, can be oiled up to a nice dark color for a cheap price and you can be sure it won't be harmful to the leather (if you don't use *too* much oil that is)... You may even have it lying around the house for the kids (or your own use):
    I used baseball glove oil. Simple as that. Works like a champ. :)

    Dave T
  2. You're absolutley right Dave.

    Baseball glove oil does a great job.

    I did a quick draw western gun fighter style holster and belt for a guy and did the same thing to get a 'used and worn' look.

    Turned out great.....amd it adds a good level of water resistance too.

    It's a great tip to share...fer sure.

  3. I use KIWI shoe polish.
  4. Stock Doc

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    I hae had great luck and a perfect match to old U.S. Military leather matching with the stuff below. I bought it all at a local shoe repair store. RIck B

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    Sounds good, Rick, but I'll bet that stuff smells a bit more nasty than the relatively nice glove oil. :)
    Thanks for the info anyway!
    Dave T
  6. Stock Doc

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    Doesn't stink that I know of. The cleaner does but after you are done and leather is protected there is no smell. Rick B
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    Silly me, I bought a black sling.
  8. How about Kiwi shoe die with a little sprinkle of mink oil,let oil be soaked in by having the sun do its thing...then you are ready to eat it.:D
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