Darn good glue!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jerry, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. jerry

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    I'm not in the habbit of endorsing things. But, you guys have to try this if you need a good glue.

    It goes by the name Gorilla Glue. It has as a main ingredient Diisocyanate. ISO's typically react with moisture and or heat. They recomend what ever you glue you wet just a little bit.

    Be ready, it acts different. It will "foam" 3-4 times in volume over the the next 30 min after application.

    I fixed my single shot 410 forearm with it. I glued the soles back on a pair of hunting boots that were on the way to the trash, glued a piece of furniture back together. Can't say enough good about it! www.gorillaglue.com
  2. wes

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    I used it to repair a couple gun stocks,works great.

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    Will it seal my wife's mouth? I've found that glues that have to sit and set a while don't work; she refuses to stay quiet long enough! LOL

    She's not LOL'ing right now!
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    You're crazy man!! :) :) :) LOL!!!


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    I bought some Gorilla glue 3 months ago, it's great, 1*there is no glue in this world powerful enough to seal a wifes mouth! ;) :D
  6. Big Dog

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    That's why they invented Duck Tape! :D

    My favorite adhesive now is JB Weld. It'll attach scope mounts to a .22 rifle, it's great for barrel bedding, it's been holding my truck's windshield wipers together for the last six years! ;)
  7. jerry

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    JB weld is awesome too. I fixed a hole in my gas tank with it. Cleaned up the rust, laid out a saturated piece of screen, viola!
  8. I used Gorilla glue on some outdoor wood projects and like y'all said it works great.............better than any carpenters' glue I've tried. I also used it on some picture frames. I did a test 45 degree angle, glue the two clamped pieces together and didn't use any staples. After about three days I tried to snap the joint only to have it rip the wood instead.

    I found excess Gorilla glue that wasn't wiped off initially was a bit tough to sand down but, hey, that's fine if it's a good sound adhesive. Right?

    Super glue happens to work well on sealing lips.....he he he he.

    And I tried JB Weld on metal that was under some movement and stress and it eventually cracked and failed on me.

    I can see some great applications of it if the part(s) repaired are relatively motionless or not subject to twisting, etc and if the parts are cleaned well of rust, paint, corrosion, etc. and degreased/deoiled.
  9. MarkII 22

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    My Dad used JB Weld on the water jacket cover on a old 500 Case tracter. It's ben over a year and it's still going. Maby it was a luckout.
  10. Mark,

    I used the JB Weld on some polished aluminum which I also roughed up.

    Although there was no mention not to use it on aluminum it might have has something to do with it failing on me.

    The application you mentioned was most likely on cast iron which is somewhat rougher.

    I don't know....heck...I might have not cleaned the metal well enough.
  11. I've used the Gorilla glue on a few projects and it works great. I used it when I built the 2x4 rails on a small trailer I tow and its still going strong. I built a large picture frame last month and glued the corners and I didnt have any trouble sanding the excess off.
    The JB weld is smeared all over the bottom of the gas tank in my little Honda 90. Held good for about a year but its starting to leak again. I dont think the metal was clean enough.
  12. MarkII 22

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    I think he used a drill brush to clean it.
  13. oneastrix

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    Big Dog...If ya can't Duck it...F$%K it! LOL
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    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:

    Staples may do the mouth trick. lol

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