Darn Gun show loop holes...were else could they get these things?

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    I can only assume that they got these single shoot weapons at a gun show and sliped through a loop hole and purchased them without a background check.....We must close the loop hole that allowed these terrorist to get these weapons...I am sending out e-mail demanding that the manufactures insure that their distributors conduct on sight insta checks...or I will NO LONGER BUY THEIR PRODUCT....Im sure you will agree with me on this one :)

    FBI warns of shoulder-fired missiles threat
    May 30, 2002 Posted: 5:26 PM EDT (2126 GMT)

    From Jamie McIntyre
    CNN Senior Pentagon Correspondent

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Although it has had no specific warnings, the FBI is alerting law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for any signs of terrorist plans to use shoulder-fired missiles against U.S. targets, especially commercial airliners.

    The alert comes after investigators concluded al Qaeda operatives might have tried to shoot down a U.S. military plane in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

    (Doglips note: The below mention "firearm" is oviously a cheep saturday night special and I demand the manufacture hold their distributors responsalbe for letting terrorist get them withou a background check).

    FIM-92A Stinger Missile
    Short-range, IR air-to-air missile
    Length: 5 ft
    Launch weight: 10.1 kg
    Body diameter: 2.75 in
    Speed: 2,445 ft/sec
    Maximum range: 3 mi
    Maxium altitude: 12,464 ft
    Warhead: Penetrating high-explosive
    Impact: Fuze
    Propulsion: Solid propellant
    Range: 4.5 km

    Sources: Jane's and Periscope/USNI Military

    "The FBI possesses no information indicating that al Qaeda is planning to use 'Stinger' missiles or any type of MANPAD [portable anti-aircraft] weapons system against commercial aircraft in the United States," the warning said.

    "However, given al Qaeda's demonstrated objective to target the U.S. airline industry, its access to U.S. and Russian-made MANPAD systems, and recent apparent targeting of U.S.-led military forces in Saudi Arabia, law enforcement agencies in the United States should remain alert to potential use of MANPADs against U.S. aircraft."

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    I don't know what gun show they went to, but around these parts you can't find anything but antiques priced way to high and junk you couldn't hit a plain with if you where standing on it.

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    I wonder if these come in pre-ban configuration. If so, I'd like one with a high-cap warhead!