Day 3 of recovery

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  1. Welp it's 2 O'clock in the morning here in Chandler Arizona at the hospital. My recovery from heart surgery isn't moving along like we were expecting. Lungs aren't working the best and I can't walk as far as I need to without dropping out.
    Man this sucks but it's where I'm at for now.
  2. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. When you get to the point where you're ready to call it quits on your walks take one more step. That way the next time you'll be able to make it just that much farther before calling it. Each extra step will add up and before you know it you'll be able to make that distance seem like nothing at all! :)

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    Thanks for the update.
    We knew your surgery was gonna be around the 20th. Marie and I have been praying daily for you.
    Brother, you can and will get through this. As you are a stubborn and tough old fart.
    Listen to what the Doctors and nurses tell you. And you will be back home riding the side by side, and shooting with the family soon.
    Prayers continue daily.
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    Praying for your speedy recovery.
  5. White Rook

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    Prayers sent for you and yours.
  6. jerry

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    Added to the list sir. Hang in there and gain that strength a bit at a time. We’re pullin for you.

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    Prayers continuing, hang in here and don’t give up!
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    Best wishes to you. Keep on keeping on and you'll gain strength. Work toward getting home from the hospital. Do all the stuff they tell you to do. Things will look brighter.

    I've heard folks playing one-upmanship over bypass surgery.

    "I had three bypasses"

    "Well, my uncle had four bypasses."

    The number of bypasses doesn't matter when it comes to heart surgery. It's what they gotta do to get in there to do bypasses or valve tinkering or whatever else they do.

    I unexpectedly had to undergo bypass surgery the last day of November of 2017. Is a bit of a chore to battle back to full recovery at first, but it will smooth out.

    I'm praying for you.
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    Blackrock: Sir; we are saying our prayers for you, “Mrs.’Blackrock”, family and friends
    Asking for strength, guidance, understanding, patience and his continued love
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    One step at a time sir. Prayer that you're back at full stride before you know it.
  11. Jim Bridger

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    Better times are waiting for you Amigo. Get well very soon.
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    Patience Grass Hopper!:) Just take it slow, but steady & listen to the docs!
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    Afton NY
    Sending thoughts and prayers your way feller for a full recovery. Have faith and hang in there.
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    Anyone who has undergone open heart surgery will feel like they got hit by a truck. It is simply part of the package. However, pain attenuation is better than it has ever been, and YOU will begin to gain strength and feel better. Be PATIENT with yourself. You'll see
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    Patience my Good Man. I have faith in the power of God and in the will of you!!
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    Hey there big boy Blackrock...
    Best advice I can tell you is don't get caught up in comparing your recovery to another patient who underwent something similar. Pain affects all of us differently and what might put tears in my eyes might just be a slight discomfort to you or someone else.

    I'm 72 and underwent a quad bypass last Dec. and I must say that I'm amazed that I managed to get through all of it and the recovery as well as I did. At 5am the next morning they had me up and in a chair, and a few hours later PT was walking me with very little assistance on their part. Other patients much younger than me were in far more pain maybe and struggling much more than I was for some reason. We're just all totally unique individuals. So it isn't a race against anyone except Blackrock. Just take those small gains, be thankful for them, and try to build on that each time if possible.

    They probably gave you a pillow and instructed you to clasp that against your chest when rolling over and getting out of bed, or rising out of a chair, and I did that for several weeks after coming home even. I sure didn't want to be one of those that the surgeon had to wire the sternum back together after making a foolish mistake. And sit on the edge of the bed for awhile with both feet on the floor so that you don't get dizzy due to standing up to quickly. That BP is adjusting and they likely have you on new meds that your system is adjusting too as well.

    I will say too that my bed is far easier to get into and out of than the hospital bed was. But don't get discouraged; someday soon you'll probably be able to look back in your rear view mirror and say, "Hey, When It's Too Tough For Everyone Else It's Just Right For Me"...
    AND PS: Prayers for sure...
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    I spent many hours, days, weeks, even months clutching this against my chest from time to time. Especially when I was rolling over to get out of bed, or when I was getting ready to stand up, or when I felt a sneeze or cough coming on. 20200924_152222.jpg 20200924_152231.jpg