Day one... Permit Archery Hunt

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    Sure enjoyed reading of your hunting excursions. lot different than my hunts in Maine, Pa, or Ma. Have near froze but never been baked by the heat. LOL Hey sounds like a nice time with your son.
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    Over 6 decades ago when I was a little kid they sold these at the drive in movie theater too. Dad would light one and sit it on the dash of his old 52 Ford so the mosquitoes didn't eat us up.

  3. Sav .250

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    First off. Archery hunting gives the most satisfaction of any hunt. You may see a bunch but for a lot of reasons never get an arrow off. It teaches one patience.
    Yardage and your ability to to hit an area of importance is paramount. Stealth
    cannot be over looked.
    Before I took up archery in the mid 60`s, I thought taking big game with a bow was to be envied. What a feat.

    Now all these years later, I am one. Love it. The challenge of taking deer and hogs with a bow really gets ones adrenaline up. Finishing the deal gives one major satisfaction. For me, that`s a real hunt!

    Totals at the WMA were lousy. 4 deer. 1 hog. 1 turkey.
    Saturday and Sunday, were the busier of the 4 hunting days. 60 vehicles .
    Monday and today, 32 vehicles total.
    You can see the fall off from week end days to week days.
    As I checked out I asked the lady Warden if she had any answer as to the very low kill.
    She said other WMA`s were having similar results. Not seeing many deer .
    Hence the low deer kill. Plus, the over all low turn out of hunters.
    I did way more walking today. 8:30 am I was on the move. Packed up my little stool and explored an old logging road. The only problem with roaming about is
    time and distance are of no consequence . That is until you head back.
    By this time the humidity jumped on me like a bum at a free lunch. Just part of it.
    Over all we had a great time/hunt. My son is a great guy. We`ve hunted and fished together for years. Plus, he`s always on time! My other son , same thing.
    My Gran -son, now he`s a work in progress.

    To the readers: Thanks for taking the time to check out my babble.
    I was lucky . Today I got another permit hunt on the re-issue cycle. This one is for a Gun hunt. Not until the middle of December though.
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    at least December will be a LITTLE cooler.:) and maybe have a few million less bugs.;)
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    I'm sitting here reading this looking out the window at my thermometer that say's it's 22-F almost 2 hours after sunup.
    thinking 90? yeah,,,, no.
    our 2 week hunt starts the 10th, and our deer have either moved down onto private property already or are In the process under the full moon.
    the ones that ain't moving are up waaay high still and won't be coming down until the snow moves them.

    different worlds... LOL.
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    So how do the deer react to the mosquito coils? Anything?
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    Thanks for sharing the adventure with us Sav 250.
    Yup the pic coils at the drive in. They look the same! It was a 55 Caddy Coupe de Ville for us. Lol
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    if the deer can smell the coils, they can also smell you. if anything, the coil smoke will cover your scent. the smoke still might spook an animal but constantly swatting skeeters and moving around spooks the deer more than anything. just like hunting without a coil burning, knowing where your scent is going will determine where you see game. keep tract of your wind and use it to your advantage if possible. up North people can use scent blocking clothes. down here, you would die from heat exhaustion if you tried to wear them.
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    Thank you . Nice of you to comment.:usa2:
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    Skeeters and flies have been worst than ever here.
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