deactivated mosin nagant

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by redordead, May 11, 2008.

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    I am looking for dirt cheap (deactivated) mosin nagants. They don't have to shoot straight, because it will just hang on my wall! In The Netherlands owning a rifle is made quite difficult you know. So a worn MN will do. I have seen good MN's for 70 dollar, so what about one with a welded bolt, a drilled through chamber and a welded shut barrel?

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    Sorry dude, all ours actually shoot...:D

  3. They have fake rifles at Sportsmans Guide and BudK knives.
    Just google em.
  4. I've never seen a deactivated Mosin; since they're legal in the United States, no one would go to the trouble. They'd just hang a working one on the wall instead.

    Your best bet may be to check with British websites (or English, or United Kingdom, or whatever you guys call them). Try looking up or similar sites.
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    Ehh never seen a mosin like that, but if you would be willing to spend more money the M1 Drill rifles can be pretty nice, depends on if a rookie was spinning it or not. The rifle is fully operational except the barrel has a metal rod welded into it, im pretty sure it goes into the receive as well, but a nice sanding and it could become a nice wall hanger.
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    A demilled Mosin is a rarity here. Like others have said, I would look at UK sites.
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    ROFL....sorry....i just got tickled :09:
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    I actually own a deactivated mosin nagant I bought it for £171 from D and B Militaria not sure what the shipping cost to america would be though
  9. AHHHH!!! Blasphemy!
  10. He wanted it for the Netherlands. I can't imagine anyone actually paying to have a destroyed gun shipped into the US...Like I said, here we'd hang a functional one, instead.
  11. Redorded.....................There are many places in the UK where you can get a deactivated anything. You would need to check out your local firearms/non-firearms rules. I know it is fairly easy to transfer a firearm between EU states but not sure about deactivated ones. Any British deactivated firearms will come with a Proof House certificate certifying that it is no longer a firearm. I would imagine that that certificate would be acceptable in the rest of Europe!!??
  12. if the time ever comes that i need to pay about $350 plus shipping for a non-functional mosin, use one of my working ones to put me out of my misery.
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    New York
    Hey, guys; why don't we just put Redordead onto that site where those folks were selling Airsoft Mosin-Nagants, complete with the rubber bayonet? They aren't real firearms but they do look good. Might even scare off a burglar. And he could at least knock over empty soda cans at 15 meters with one...

    I mean, it's not his fault he lives someplace where the government doesn't trust its subjects with fireams.
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    Is that in pounds sterling? I wonder what that is in US dollars. Must be expensive!
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    I wonder if someone could deactivate one and send it to him? Springfield Sporters had a bunch that would've been good candidates the last time I was there.
  16. It's agin my principles to deactivate anything at all that still works, from old Skil saws and drill motors to Jeeps and guns...
  17. I am speechless a bolt welded down and barrel welded shut nnnnoooooooooooo what is the world coming to? How would you sit and work the bolt and tell her that you loved her when you cant even look down the bore and inspect her chamber
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    The EU is freaking ridiculous... distrusting their subjects that much! I say, Thank God for the USA!

    In response to the OP, I also couldn't imagine having a deactivated anything... even in the People's Republic of Kalifornia I can still have pretty much anything I want (Legally a resident of Georgia still! :-D), but I can't store it here in California for some strange reason...
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    Shee-ucks! That's $339 bucks US! I wouldn't pay that much for a Century-refinished unfired 91/59 with laminated stock, hex receiver and factory scope taps!

    Or would I? Come to think of it...........
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    yeah ummm....i'd pay that $339 for a regular 91/59, but it cant be from century, i hate their stamping process, i like unmolested receivers; also, included with the 91/59 better be an excellent shape 91/38 :09: