Dead Beat dads

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  1. I'm expounding on Jerry's post on the main board about anyone in his state being asked if they were behind on child support when applying for a hunting or fishing license.

    We can all remember when missing children were placed on milk cartons. Well, what if photos and last known adrresses of dead beat dads were put on milk cartons?

    I can see it now, some guy at the checkout of a local super market yelling at another guy, "Hey Dude! Yeah you! Isn't this you"?

    Would work for me!.....yepper
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    Its a bigger problem then most people think. I frequently pull guys over and find that their drivers licenses are suspended due to fail to pay child support. Some times its understandable, out of work etc. But what gets me is the numerous ones driving Porsches and Mercedes that dont pay.

  3. Dennis

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    Each situation is different Thats what judges and jurys are for.
    It is not our place to judge. we pay someone else to do that.
    "it's judgement that defeats us"
    Thank you for that Mr Coppla
  4. Chris

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    well, what about dead beat moms, I am sorry, I just feel that we hear so much about dads what about moms I know they can be deeadbeats sometimes and get away with it. Anyone know anything about this?
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    here i am trying to weasle out of what i started on the fishimg lic. thing, but throwing my hat in here. I think male or female should be held accountable for thier actions and responsibilities. from listening to folks with experience in such issues ie. LE, judges, lawyers, etc.. it is a huge problem. (that needs fixing) It would be nice if they found a way to enforce without getting innocent people caught in the loop. there are already enough issues out there where honest people are guilty until proven innocent.
  6. I agree with what has been posted as replies. I wanted to stir some thought and I see that happened.

    I agree there are mitigating circumstances and there are dead beat moms.

    I would like to share a true and tragic story. About one year prior to my retirement I knew of an Officer I worked with whose wife had left him and moved to California. There she received the divorce, after establishing residence with their two children for some time. In the meanwhile Mike tried his best to legally have her moved back to no avail since her wife had immediate family there. This happened some time prior to my awareness of the rest of the story.

    Some time after her move to California she filed for a child support increase. Now keep in mind Mike was moonlighting at every security job he could find just to meet the current child support payments of $750 per child. Yes you read that right.
    And our department's policy was that child support was automatically taken out of an Officer's paycheck and sent to the court of jurisdiction for disbursement.

    Well, at the time his ex was seeking an increase he confided in me and several of his other fellow Officers. He was concerned about the increase putting him in a postion of not being able to pay and thereby losing his job.

    One morning I went in for roll call and found out Mike had gone to the desert and inserted an AR15 in his mouth and ended his pain.

    I lost a good friend...we lost a good Officer. His children lost a good father all because, as I see it, greed, hatred and callous disregard by his ex-wife.
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    Sorry to hear about your friend. I can not understand how any court, even in Kalifornia, would make such an insanely large child support award, given the officer's financial situation. If this was the case, I think he should have taken out the judge first, unless he, himself, had not bothered to contest it.
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    I'm a dead beat dad according to the great state of Washington.
    I have one child, a girl. She is now 22 years old.
    I took her from her junkie mother at age 3. She lived with me till she was 18.
    It seems my EX had two more kids, one died. She claimed welfare on all three for over 10 years.
    I broke my back in 92. I went on state L&I. The state started taking half of my money to pay back the back child support due my EX. My daughter and I lived off of $350 a month.

    After months of meetings and phone calls with the state, I was told: You are the father, the money was paid to the mother. YOU OWE US. BE a good parent and pay your debt.

    Well She has been gone for 4 years now. I still pay monthly.

    Stick to firearms issues. Leave child care to the good folks at your local DSHS. Ours are real winners :-(
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    Well to be honest people get screwed, and I am sorry to hear about your friend,and it flatly makes me mad, as when people get pushed to far they have that choice, or they feel thats the only choice they have.
  10. Robert

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    How about Moms that are so spiteful, they use our children as weapons? It is so nice to know that my two boys have been such an effecteive tool for their mother's bitter revenge. Havent seen my kids in a long time, but the good side is that SHE is no longer in this state. All I can say is GOD help the state of Tennessee. They will need it with that nut case down there. Armorer is probably right. Lets stick to gun issues, and not talk about very sensitive personal issues that people do not understand the facts.
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    Unfortunately, there are plenty of evil, spiteful women out there. A friend got kicked out of HIS house by his soon to be EX. She told his two sons he left because of them. Then she also would steal mail addressed to the boys if it came from him or their grandparents. The psycho mother then would tell the boys they didn't get any birthday presents, etc.. The goofy woman then tried to kill herself (unfortunately she botched it) and convinced the kids it was their father's fault. There was a lot of other stuff, but you get the picture. The boys are 14 and 17.
  12. Dennis

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    I guess you are right lets leave this one alone.
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    And I thought teenage girls were nuts. Makes me want to marry my Garand instead. At least I can fix those problems.