Dealing With Fox in NC

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SuckLead, May 21, 2008.

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    Hey all. Just a question. Little long, too, sorry. I've got a fox that has taken up residence in my backyard. He's apparently living in the scrub. He came out this afternoon and was rolling in the grass and munching on something, just seemed to be generally enjoying himself. But he's a big guy. I think he's a silver fox, although he does have plenty of orange in him. We're thinking he may be a mix. He does come and go, this isn't the first time he's appeared, but we think he was drawn back because our resident wild rabbits recently had babies.

    A few hours after I saw him I needed to walk my dog. The dog walks around the property most of the time due to a handicap. She made it around the house before me (still on a leash) and tried to take off running. When I made it around the side, I saw the fox turn and run. He stopped about 15 feet from us and began coming back toward us, so I drew my concealed pistol in case he attacked. He didn't; he turned and ran off into the scrub area again. And I went back to trying to get my dog back under control as she still wanted to go after him.

    Here's the question. If the fox had come at us and attacked and I had opened fire, what kind of a legal issue would that cause me? Here are the facts: 1. We were standing between my house and the neighbor's house, not more than ten feet apart as it is a housing development 2. There is a law in the town against firing guns in town limits, although I suspect defense from an attack is a whole other story. 3. There is another development behind us, about 150 feet from my yard.

    Would there be a difference if the fox was attacking my dog or me?

    We have contacted animal control on a regular basis, as have most of our neighbors, because there are a lot of pets and even more children in this development. We've got two coyotes here, too. Same response for both coyote and fox... no one ever comes out. Not even after my one neighbor was chased and attacked by a coyote on his front lawn. Today the fox was a little close and I didn't even think about it, my pistol was out before I really thought it over. So I'm curious. What steps should I take and/or what could be the issue if I did shoot the fox during an attack?
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    Your life is more important than the life of an animal, no matter what PETA says. It is your number one job to take care of yourself. I'd do it. Then again this is Texas and it's not that uncommon. I'm not trying to support anything illegal, but maybe a silencer? It takes a while for the process I believe, but it might keep you out of trouble.

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    I recommend obtaining a pellet rifle, they can be used in the backyard, and won't make a tremendous racket. In a situation like this, you should always follow the 3 S Rule.......Shoot em, Shovel em, and SHUT UP!
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    Well, that's another problem. Pellet rifles can't be used in town limits either. It would amount to the same issues as using my 9mm.
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    the idea behind the pellet rifle is not legal, just almost completly silence so no one would be able to hear you shoot it, nor call the cops. i dont know if you could kill a fox with one or not. i would try to contact the police about the legal side of it. if it were up to me i would say that if your dog is attacked it would warrent shooting the fox, but i dont know if it would justify shooting a gun in such a populated area legaly.
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    You always have the inherent right of self-defense. Our town doesn't allow firearms to be shot inside the town--it's a residential area; however, it specifically excludes self-defense. I suspect most places in normal states do too. Defense of a pet would probably fall into this category as well. If you saw it as a threat, I'd shoot it. You'd have no problems I believe justifying shooting any animal in an act of self defense. You do need to be very aware of your backstop, though. A miss or shoot thru hitting someone would work out poorly for you in every respect.

    If you've called animal control, they've done nothing, and you believe a pre-emptive strike is warranted for self defense, for me it'd be safety first; no one can make this call but you. The decision for me is do you see the fox as a potential threat, or benign to you and your pet. Probably a .22 with velocitors wouldn't be too loud. This might be less risky than a self-defense engagement last minute with the 9, in that it'd be under controlled conditions. Before I'd do this, I'd probably call AC one more time and tell them they gotta do something.
  7. Brother Bob

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    Fox become friendly towards humans. As long as he doesn't perceive you as a threat, he'll hang around. About 10 years ago, I happened to come across two silver fox at a customers house. They followed me back to the company van and back to the house. Not a lick of "bad" in them. Kinda like friendly dogs. I wasn't the least bit afraid of them. I really enjoyed my experience with them. The customer brought out some sardines or tuna and they sat right there and ate it out of his hand. I don't think a skinny azz fox is much of a threat to a human.
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    Just let it be. It's not capable of hurting you or the dog. Gads, it probably weight all of 15 pounds.My bro feeds them to keep them around. Good for rodent control.
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    probably the only chance you'd encounter a fox attacking a human is if it is rabid. if you percieved it to be rabid, make it dissappear.
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    Keep quiet

    SuckLead: Ma'am; NC has a uniqueness to the Law.
    Your ''dog'' is attacked and you kill the attacker; Felony
    Your "dog'' is attacked in Mecklenburg i.e.Charlotte and you kill the Attacker; Felony.
    You kill a "Fox" in the wrong NC county; you forfeit your firearm, and whatever else you came in or on your person becomes property of the State.

    NC see your "Dog" as property and doesn't constitute killing over.

    Fox are known carriers of Rabies. Recently found one in 'south Charlotte'
    Fox can hurt you. They are wild animals contrary to them living in your neighborhood.
    Example: Children in our neighborhood; raccoons coming up to our house; one was acting very strange; was going up to the neighbors door; I had a small child at the time.
    First thing I picked up was a ball bat. Coon out for the count. I never once considered the police animal control or fire department. All came.
    The animal control suggest "rabies" I stuck with my story and eventually everything cooled off.

    I followed the hounds chasing raccoons for years. I have stayed up at night, have sewed my dogs up, have seen what a 10 lb raccoon has done to my hounds that weighed in @60lbs each.

    I followed hounds chasing fox for 25yrs with my Uncle, I've seen a pack of dogs take down the fox. Before Mr. Fox demise, he left wounds that I learned how to sew up dogs.

    Pellet gun, keep quiet, pop him. Keep quiet. Get caught, animal acting strange, Rabies
    Unless you have one of these "new" fangled pellet rifles I doubt seriously that you'll kill it. Shoot in the side or on the rump; as close to behind as possible.
  11. Brother Bob

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    I'm afraid of the North American Grizzly and Brown bear, not a fox. I've seen bigger Norway rats in my day and I know about rats and what they can do. LOL!:09:
  12. neophyte

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    Brother Bob: Sir; :09:have you ever caught a 'chipmunk' with your bare hands:09: and he wasn't too excited to see ya:09::) LOL
  13. S. L call the Police dept. and tell them about the Fox and even ask if you can shoot it, if it attacks.
    When it came at you and your dog maybe this fox has been fed, like Bro. Bob said.

    In any case I wouldn't take a chance with it.
    I personaly wouldn't shoot it either.
    Instead I would borrow a live trap and try to catch it and turn it loose in the wild.

    You don't recon it could be or could of been someones pet do you ?
  14. Rambo

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    Enjoy the show. Not many people get to see a live fox in the wild.
  15. Windwalker

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    Sucklead, remember that if you fire, even in self defense, you are responsible for the consequences of EVERY shot fired. If one shot ricochets or otherwise strikes someone you could find yourself facing Manslaughter charges or worse. I suggest you call the Police Dept.and state that you are afraid that the animal might be rabid as it appeared to have a white frothy substance around its mouth. This should get a rapid response to your problem.
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    Hunting season for Fox is not to far off wait tell then if you can then shoot him legaly.
  17. mosquitofish

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    be careful, I would get a trap from animal control & put cat food in it. trap the whole family & make a coat.
  18. CrazyIvan

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    How about a paintball gun? Those are legal. Or an Air-soft...

    But, beyond have every legal right to defend yourself, beit against an attacking human or animal. You may be able to contact the game warden and have the thing relocated.

    But, in the end...If we choose to live along the outskirts of town or in the woods, we have to expect a certain level of contact with local wildlife. Always protect yourself against a physical attack, however.