"Dean of Oil Analysts" predicts $12-$15 / gal !!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by soonerborn, May 22, 2008.

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  2. Sooner or later karma is going to come back to the oil companies and kick them right in the butt. If they keep for lack of a better word screwing us then they will either over strain their costomers which means their sales will fall as will their bottom line. Or they will continue to push us untill we push back and boycot and sell off oil stocks and they will watch their stocks fall almost of their profits lol.
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  3. soonerborn

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    Kind of like a drug addict blaming his dealer for how much he has to pay isnt it?
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    Ain't gonna happen and I'll tell you why. It would throw the whole world into the worst financial catastrophe that there has ever been. If people can't afford the gas, they won't by it. Supply and demand. I believe it will level off around $4.00 a gallon and than begin to drop, slowly. My 2 cents.
  5. Not really we have a right to complain since our society thanks to the powers to be have done everything in their power to resist and stop any change in the energy and fule infrastructures. Both of these systems have been flawed for years and aloud to reach absolute critical levels over the last couple decades. Where I live has no public transportation so my only options are drive or peddal around town on my mountian bike. I mainly use my bike now since I cant afford to fill up my small town car. Riding my bike is fun and good for you but having to go up and down 3.1 miles on my hill just to reach town is extreamly tiring. I have cut my driving by at least 60% and have done everything possible to reduce my gas usage but it doesnt seem to help much since I use less and pay more right now my efforts have only aloud me to get by.
  6. Hummm..... Bob you made me think of some thing, but I best stay Mum because it's religious idea.
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    When the majority of people can't get to work because of transportation costs, or heat their home, or put food on the table...When businesses can't pay to ship their goods or receive material to produce their product...When the middle class finally crumbles due to debt, the inabilty to house themselves and a cost of living beyond their ability to reach.....there is only one inevitable outcome.
  8. It won't matter . . .

    as so much of the American economy will be shut down before gas hits $10.00 a gallon.
  9. +1.
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    My money ran out and my pickup will remain parked with what little gas in it will be for emergency use only. Don't know how quick the money will run out next month. Fixed income of $920.00 per month me, my wife and 2 grandchildren doesn't go far at todays prices.

    HARDERTR Guest

    Wonder why gasoline rationing has been brought up yet? It will keep folks from wasting so much gas, which ought to make the price drop as demand does.

    I'm also curious as to what the government is paying for fuel used in this "war". I'm sure we are wasting MILLIONS of gallons of fuel a month.
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    Here is a question that popped in my mind while reading all the "prices going up" posts": How are other nations fairing? Are their prices going up too? I would research that and see if it would be possible to get other nations involved in this too.
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    Last I heard, the citizens of Venezuela are paying fouteen cents per gallon. But - they have to put up with that tool Hugo. Mighty big 'worm' in ttheir apple.

    $12/gallon - that would have me paying about $250 a month for gas for my bike - doable, but I won't like it!
    Problem is, everything else will be skyhigh too - food, power, water. Being a 'computer professional', my Department might be able to have us doing a lot of 'working from home', with the right software for my 'puter. That would save me a lot more gas.

    HARDERTR Guest

    I just talked to one of the local Iraqis here on post. They are paying the right at 30 CENTS a gallon off base.
  15. I'm a Brit who has just spent some time in South Africa & virtually all countries are suffering.
  16. Coeloptera

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    I have rethought my opinion of the war.

    We should conquer that country and steal all their sweet, sweet oil.


    - Coeloptera
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    Yep, they are all feeling it. Despite all the whining and moaning going on by us, we still enjoy some of the cheapest gasoline costs in the world. For the most part the only countries that have lower pump prices are either major oil exporters or under government price controls where the oil industry is subsidized.

    It aint just the US that faces rising gas prices. Most European countries though charge such high taxes that most of the pump price goes to the government instead of the oil company so the increase in crude oil prices has less of an effect on pump prices there. They have been paying $8 a gal for a long time now.
  18. TXplt

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    Not kidding....they should pay the legitimate expense of their "liberation" since they chose to allow Saddam to remain in power and thus a threat. This, after he invaded Kuwait and was defeated. This made us spend $ with the no fly zones, etc. defending the region, and eventually resulted in the current war. Open the taps from Iraq, send 20-25% over here (same as our federal income tax rate ?) and let them sell the rest to rebuild their country/economy. We'll sell this oil on the "free" market, collect the proceeds, and build our new energy sources.

    Sounds fair to me.
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    $12.00 a dollar gas will be far off.. Could happen 5 years from now.. I can't worry that far in advance ;)
  20. Coeloptera

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    If we could conceivably stabilize that country it is not an unreasonable notion. Payment for services rendered I guess. A little mercenary for my tastes, perhaps. "We take out your dictator you pay us for it."

    The problem is we still have three groups squabbling over how to divvy up the country so they get "their share" of the oil rights. You know the Kurds would prefer to secede entirely at this point.

    I doubt there's anyone with the real authority to give it to us free and clear there right now, too.

    - Coeloptera