Dear season nears....So show us your best skinner

Discussion in 'Knives/Cutlery' started by FortyXDM, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. FortyXDM

    FortyXDM G&G Evangelist Staff Member

    Show your best skinning knife....The time nears......
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  2. To skin deer I just use an Old Hickory butcher knife
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  3. 455rocket

    455rocket G&G Evangelist

    I've shared this one before, but it's a home made knife that I made from an old table saw blade. It's not used for butchering, only skinning. knife.JPG
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  4. Absolutely beautiful!
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  5. rando

    rando G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

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  6. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    Never used it yet but this is a Russell/Green River Knife made from a blade by a acquaintance of mine along with the sheath.
    He had about a half dozen or so on consignment at a local gun shop.
    Very sharp and a great heavy duty leather sheath.
  7. Yup. I've got 3 actually. I use the smallest for skinning so I don't damage the meat or hide. The other 2 I use as needed for chopping meat, herbs or anything else I think they'll work better on than a traditional knife.
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  8. Rocky7

    Rocky7 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I have more expensive knives, newer knives and some better suited to fine work but this old pelter always finds its way into my kit. I saved up and bought it when I was 15. I don't recall the price but it was steep for me in those days. We have been on many hunting trips and dressed a fair number of animals. I guess I'd have to call it my best skinner because it always shows up. It will take and hold a nice edge.

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  9. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    here are some knives I made out of a sawmill band saw blade. the skinner with the gut hook (upper right) is the one I have been using for the last 20 or so years. DSCN9365.JPG
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  10. 455rocket

    455rocket G&G Evangelist

    That's an Old Timer Sharpfinger, made by Schrade. If they are in made in the USA, good condition with the original sheath, they can still be valued over $100. The new ones can be found between $12 - $21, and have been made in China since about 2007, after Schrade & Camillus knife company closed their business.

    I also bought one as my 1st hunting knife, probably back in the late 70's or early 80's. I lost the sheath somewhere along the line, but the knife is still in good shape.

    I did put some 3000 grit automotive sandpaper on my jitterbug sander, and that put a nice shine back on my blade.
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  11. AK Hunter

    AK Hunter G&G Evangelist

    I normally use a 4" Rapala fillet knife to get the hide started, then I use paper towels to get a grip & just pull the hide off.
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  12. Rocky7

    Rocky7 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Thanks. I shall try that.
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  13. mauser9

    mauser9 G&G Evangelist

    Nice Sharpfinger! Recall when you could get one for free with an Outdoor Life subscription a long time back. Great looking knife and very useful
  14. FortyXDM

    FortyXDM G&G Evangelist Staff Member

    What is the blade length of this knife......
    Looks great.
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  15. 455rocket

    455rocket G&G Evangelist

    Thank you.

    It overall length is about 8" with a 4" blade. A couple of hours of work in the garage with mostly scrap materials. I'm content with my first try at making something like this.

    knife II.jpg
  16. Rocky7

    Rocky7 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I just slice a hole in top of the hide and use that to pull on. You probably wouldn't want to cut a hole if you're going to get it tanned.
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  17. cooker300

    cooker300 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    For most work on deer i use a Sharpfinger or a 4" fillet knife

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  18. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

    That's fantastic rocket. First one?
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