Dear Veterans....

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  1. MrsS

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    My weekend is to all you veterans who have come before; is now; and will be....

    My weekend is in honor of those that will be spending Memorial Day here in this great country....and those who serve in far off lands...

    My Memorial Day is in memory of the many who sacrificed all for the great life I now have...

    I and my family salute all of you....and will fly the flag on all of your behalf this weekend...

    Thank you for everything....
  2. Brother Bob

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    Thanks for remembering us.:)

  3. Seabeescotty

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    MrsS, you bring tears to my eyes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for those with whom I served, who are still there.
    This is a time of remembering, and honoring those who gave all, in all the conflicts to keep this nation safe, and whole.
    God bless, and thank you.
  4. TXplt

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    Well said MrsS. Thank you.
  5. Marine1

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    As Brother Bob said...Thank you MrsS for remembering us. We were, and still are proud to protect and serve our great nation from harms way. To my brother vets serving today...thank you for serving our great nation. To my Vietnam era brothers....welcome home!
  6. Thank you MrsS ... much appreciated.
  7. No words can describe the thankfulness that I feel for all of our veterans, past and present.
    We wouldn't even be able have forums like this if it wasn't for our veterans.
    My flag flies high in your honor. You have lived the life that I have only read about. May God bless each and everyone of you and your family's.
    [ame=""]YouTube - veterans day[/ame]
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  8. patrick70

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    Thankyou very much Mrs.S
  9. jerry

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    very kind of you to think of the vets
  10. Though I've never served in the Armed Force's please beleive me when I say Thank you for your service to our country .
    All of you are Hero's to me ! If it were not for you we wouldn't have the Opportunitys and Freedom we enjoy today.
    God Bless you all !!!
  11. neophyte

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    MrsS: Ma'am; thank you;
    Supporters, you are our neighbor, our friend, our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. You served along side of us, you cried with us, you felt the pain.
    You sent up "care" packages, with 'homemade' cookies, cakes and pies, cards we shared, and :09:pitures :09:
    For that I'm thankful.
  12. Seabeescotty

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    Our heroes are still there, AH, and this weekend is for remembering them, though I do appreciate being added. I was a scared, nineteen year old kid, doing the job that had to be done, no more, no less. God bless the heroes, who remain Forever Young, in my heart.
    I saw a recruiting ad, that said, It's not a job, it's an adventure. It was all of that!
  13. Rave

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    I and my family thank all of you supporters of all the vets,I only wish our gummint treated us with the reference that you have shown.:sad:
  14. Windwalker

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    Well said Ms. S. My most humble thanks to all our Veterans, past, present, and future for your sacrifices to keep our Country free.
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  15. Thank you, Ms. S. I clouded up when I read your words, but it was from happy thoughts. As a vet, I do my best to thank all those who served & maybe bs a little with them. You get some great stories & make friends doing that.

    A simple thank you, care packages sent, emails of encouragement, & and picking up an occasional restaurant tab is all part of it. A heartfelt "Welcome Home" to a Vietnam vet takes little effort. After all, they're the ones who put their lives on the line while we sit here fat, dumb & happy. We owe them.

    Contrary to what the haters would have you believe, I've yet to see anyone in uniform who's there because they can't make it in the real world. They're in out of highschool because they want to serve. They're college grads. And they're people who had high paying jobs before enlisting, but feel they need to do something.

    Someone said that when you sign your enlistment papers, you're also writing a blank check to our country with an amount up to & including your life.

    Thank you all.
  16. Seabeescotty

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    I signed that check at 17, and never regretted doing it...
    And some of the most intelligent people I ever met were career military, because they felt that serving the country overrode the opportunity to grow rich. They were enlisted, and officer, dropout and graduate, and I'm glad I was there to serve with them. Mjames834, thank you sir for your post.