Death by stoning

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    In among the stories about the idiot pastor in Florida planning to burn copies of the Koran, have you picked up on the story about the Iranian plan to stone a woman to death? All in accordance with Islamic law, of course.

    It seems this 40 something year old widow and mother has had intimate contact with 2 men. As a consequence, she was given 99 lashes with a bullwhip or something similar and now that Ramadan is over she will be executed by stoning.

    This is rating a small blurb in the world news section of my paper, and apparently the EU is condemning the plan.

    So, will Iran carry this out to prove they are a real nation after all, or will they bow to political pressure and find some other way to punish her for this 'terrible crime'? Before you answer, please note that nothing is being said about or done to the two men involved. At the very least you would think they should be considered accomplices. I mean, without them the alleged deed would not have happened, would it?
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    I read the story, and while i can't say that I understand what the pastor thinks the Quran burning will accomplish, I do understand that the stoning is barbaric and that the Islam Fascists are out to eradicate the democracy and the Western way of life. And until I see the socalled moderate Muslims declare war on the radicals, I won't believe that there is any such thing as moderates. By not helping wipe out the radicals, they are, in my mind, tacitly approving the radical tactics and goals.
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    Now maybe if the moderate or less extreme Muslims around the world would unite in condemning this act it would send a message to the world that they are not all in the same mental state.

    I don't think any Muslim would dare to condemn it for fear of reprisals being taken on them and their family.
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    It is a mans world in the M.E..

    I will not go into a long spiel about it.
    Simply read the Koran, and see for yourself.

    I WILL, say this.
    Were is the outrage, from the woman's rights movements?
    You don't see the liberal media screaming about it.

    Why, because the COWER down to this atrocity.
    Because it does not effect them personally, or financially!

    I am so glad, the end of days draws closer.

    End of rant.
  5. " You took the words right outa my mouth" to quote a great Meatloaf song.