Debate over guns in cars gets heated

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by GGReporter, May 22, 2008.

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    Gun supporters and law-enforcement representatives clashed yesterday over proposed changes to relax Ohio gun laws, while the House committee chairman wondered why the State Highway Patrol was sitting silently in the back of the room.

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    Why would anyone want to carry an empty gun in your car? Lock it in the trunk. It is no good for self protection empty.

  3. Here's way the Police learn to believe GUNS ARE EVIL in your hands.
    Take a young brand new recruit.
    Likely with not much exposure to guns.
    Now the PC Police Instructor begins to tell the recruit, over and over, that
    only POLICE should have guns.
    And EVERYONE is out to kill or maim you.
    Do the above over and over, fairly soon they become totally anti-'guns in the
    hands of THEM', who usually is average Joe citizen.

    Often Pro-gun Officers are ordered to stand at or show up for Anti-gun rallies or Politicians. There was a Federal Law Suit over this but I don't know the outcome?
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    Mike i'm an retired policeman and i was never taught any of the things that you said in the above post and any time while going through the accademy or afterwards and i think if i had any information of that type of propaganda being taught i would report it immedaitely to the highest authority of that department.