Decorating my new "man cave"...

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    Most definately "Do Not forget the John Wayne stuff!!!" I've got a few items, but wish I had more!
    Better yet I wish I had had the chance to meet him!
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    My uncle Walt met John Wayne once at a hotel bar. They got to talking and people kept interrupting to get Wayne's autograph and some of them made downright fools of themselves.

    Uncle Walt asked him what the weirdest thing a fan had done to him was., and Wayne told him this great story.

    Every time Uncle Walt related the story to us he'd break into this spot-on impression, so as you read make sure to get that voice in your head.

    "Well I was standing at a urinal, in an airport, taking a leak," the Duke said. "The fella next to me looks over, looks down at my pecker, looks up at my face, then looks back at the wall. All of a sudden he turns to me, with his hand out and yells, 'John Wayne'."
    "You didn't shake his hand did you?"
    "Hell, no! I looked him in the eye and said, 'Son, put that away. Yer pissin on my boots.'"

    Uncle Walt said he laughed so hard he nearly choked. Soon afterward Wayne's friends came by to pick him up. John Wayne bought him a drink, patted him on the back and shook his hand.

    Walt met him in late 1972, which he could remember because only a couple of weeks later he was in Illinois getting so drunk at a "Year of the Bull" New Year's party that he passed out onto a tray of pimento cheese sandwiches. This event marked the first time the John Wayne story was told and we actually have an 8mm film of Uncle Walt acting it out while he was still relatively sober. Unfortunately there is no sound, nor was the film long enough to capture the sandwich incident.
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  3. I got a friend in Iowa who created a gun rack that can be locked. It has cam that when pivoted will swing a "finger" up to lock the trigger assembly up. Of course with a Garand that would be futile. Anyway what do you guys think?[​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That my friend, is simply brilliant!!!
  5. Good solid lock up for most guns, nice
  6. Steel rack was great. Would love to display my collection too. Security is always an issue. Would love to display rifles on side view as opposed to trigger guard view.
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    I can ID all but that rifle second from bottom, just above the Steyr M95. What is that cute carbine?
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  8. Had to revisit this thread. Very cool.
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  9. Joker that pic of your green gun rack is just fantastic. I just love looking at those old battle rifles.
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  10. Italian Carcano.
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    Nice Rack!!
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