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Muslim Deer???????? The last part says there are too many deer in the area...sounds like we need a little road trip to the area :)

Deer Blindsides Jogger in Wisconsin
Jogger in Wisconsin Blindsided and Knocked to Pavement by Whitetail Deer

The Associated Press

RHINELANDER, Wis. Aug. 29 —
Jogger Laura Tromp never saw what hit her. It turns out she was blindsided by a whitetail deer.

"I went out for a jog about 20 to 6 Wednesday morning, and I was jogging on Stevens Street when all of a sudden I was face-down on the pavement," she said. "A woman who saw it all said I was hit by a deer. I never saw it coming."

Tromp, of Rhinelander, was treated at St. Mary's Hospital for multiple injuries.

"It hit me from the side," Tromp said. "I was told later that I was thrown about four feet by the impact."

She suffered a concussion, a broken nose and a broken tooth and also required six stitches to close an open wound on her nose.

Keith McCaffery, a retired deer biologist with the state Department of Natural Resources, said the accident was most likely not premeditated by the deer.

"He had to be distracted by something else," McCaffery said. "Whitetails are not particularly protective, even of their young, because they are quite vulnerable to predation.

"They are not as willing to defend their young as, for example, moose which will often stand their ground against predators as large as bears."

McCaffery has his own explanation of what happened.

"I think this incident is evidence that there are too many deer out there."

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:eek: :assult:

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THE DEER...................

must have seen the Gieco commercial were a jogger gets run over by a deer!!!

the biologist must be full of himself.:confused:
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