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I just moved to Lubbock Texas and was wondering if anyone knew of a place to deer hunt within 200 miles or so. This year I am stuck with public land or someone elses private land if it is free. I won't pay to shoot a deer or a hog, especialy with the prices around here. Most of the WMA's I have looked at around here are by special permit only for deer. That means drawing. I sure hope I don't end up sitting out the year just because there isn't any place to hunt close. Usualy I go on my own land or with freinds on theirs. I had a couple bad experiences with public land in the past. actualy with other hunters not being sure of their target.
My son is finaly old enough to hunt this year and has been practicing with his 35 rem a lot. given the chance he will probably out do me in deer season. He has more patience.
Moving realy sucks just before deer season!!!
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