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    AH Yes I have been in contact at least a few times with a deer that got hit and had a broken back. I had a buck twice and walked up and sitting on his hind legs. Head up and front legs out. Leaped at me and also verbal as all heck. Yeah Ii have wrestled with at least two before.
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    more firearms handeling training may be in order, but in the end the scum got message.
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    First deer I ever killed jumped up when I touched him, dummy me, I jumped on his back and he thrashed me around while my buddy just laughed and watched and after about 5 minutes came over and cut his throat. Like I say, you have to be there to appreciate an angry deer.
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    Back to the OP, I would have been wearing shoes first of all. Taken cover, and not hold the rifle like it has a bayonet. Can’t say what else he had in the house, but I would have had my shotgun close by for when they rush and some get past my rifle shots. And when that fails, I’d have had my pistol on my hip. My son would have been posted in a bush covering me, and my wife would be inside with the smaller children keeping them safe. Armed as well, of course
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    Good plan. The problem is when you have hundreds of people many with different issues and different reasons for being there. Like the folks out west who took over a section downtown and then somebody just started shooting.

    There are people who invade these groups just for the excitement, and there is the antifa cowards, that always hide their face. Many are seeking action and excitement a totally different objective from the supposed purpose of the protest. And remember, this is an illegal march because this is private property, no public street, public sidewalk, nothing, just like your living room, you get to choose who comes in. So every single person in the march is intentionally illegally there, it is the mindset.

    So, someone wants to step it up, they just back off 200 yards and shoot this guy with a 22. Hold for the head and hit him in the belly. Nobody is going to hear a 22 over this crowd, the homeowner or his wife, just goes down. And suddenly, this "no justice, no peace" deal is headline news again. Just saying, if you stand out there with your AR, you just madd yourself a target, I probably would have done the same, but getting shot is always a possibility in a deal like this one. As I said above, when he walked out i do not think he actually thought they were going to kill him, otherwise he would have hidden behind a door or window, he just did not want them trashing or burning his house. IMHO
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    Down here in the south, we have well known trespassing laws and no duty to run from aggressors, (Castle doctrine) In my county, any piece of property, 5 acres and under, is considered "posted", no posted "no trespassing" signs required,if it has a dwelling (occupied or not) .
    If the "citiots" (city idiot's) trespass, legally, (and this is very seldom questioned) they can be encouraged to leave, up to the point of deadly force. ('specially after dark)

    Pulling into a driveway or gate, of a person you don't know, just to turn around, is frowned upon. A smile and a wave goes a long way towards saving your glass.(crashing a gate and menacing locals is pretty much guaranteed to get you a "shots fired" welcome)

    Now I don't expect any body to mess with me in my home, However, the shotgun waits just behind the door, If you ask for help, (food, water , gas etc.) you'll get what you need, if I have it, If you offer to do harm, you might die.

    There is a movement afoot now, that seeks to change my way of life. That just ain't gonna happen here. When liberal stupidity spills out of the big cities, they ain't gonna get the reception they expect. Bring it.

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    Amazon, Fedex and cars use my driveway to turn around almost every day. Guess I didn’t know ‘bout the driveway thing. I’ll go load the 30-30.
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    After what we have seen lately do you think that the "who needs a 30 round magazine " could hold any water now ?
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    If I remember rightly, the injured person or the leo agency is responsible for the ambulance.
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  10. blue fox

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    It always will with the anti gun whack a doodles.
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  11. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor some in-laws who are lefties.

    I always scoffed at the notion someone who was never in any type of firefight or any type of self defensive situation at all (and with very limited knowledge and no real experience with firearms) would somehow comment on what others (that have and did) 'need.'

    And I'd tell them so. No real need to explain or defend my position and it'd be a waste of breath anyway. Towards people willingly unqualified to live life. And who would comment on the shortcomings of everyone who actually did something in life without ever having done anything productive or useful themselves.

    When they complain that we need to have the place cleaned, I usually just hand them a sweeper and a mop. Which they don't know how to use either. "You really need to fill in these holes in the meadow." "There's a shovel in the shed; knock yourself out !"
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    I read today that this guy got his gun confiscated, can't prove or disprove. If true, I'll have to drive up there, (about 35 miles) and deliver a loaner...I wouldn't leave a man defenseless, after a challenge like that.

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    It is technically illegal, but I doubt anyone would take your side. In Alabama it is technically illegal (though never enforced) to turn around in, or cross, s driveway or even a parking lot unless you have permission or are a customer.

    We had an Arab-owned gas station down here in the '90s that was on a sort of island between two roads. The owner got tired of people wearing out his pavement without ever stopping to get gas or buy anything.
    People absolutely flew through there, so at the very least it was a safety issue - though that wasn't the argument he gave for why he did what came next.
    As a petty act of revenge he began writing down license plates and calling cops when people did it. He even went so far as to go through his security footage and submit the evidence so he could press trespass charges.

    It made the local news "6 on your side" segment when a few people were actually cited. No one took the guy's side in the public, and the cops hated him for wasting their time, but people did stop crossing his parking lot to cut a corner. They also stopped buying gas from him (we only went there because he would sell looseys (individual cigarettes or cigars taken from a larger pack) to kids with no ID check.

    When new owners took over, they changed the pump layout so that there were an equal number of pumps on each side, and set up a series of ballards to keep people from swinging through at warp speed. The issue was solved, and another gas station did the exact same thing a few miles down the road where 3rd Avenue and 1st Avenue almost meet. I actually had crossed their parking lot a few times because the alternative was to be a white kid driving a couple of miles deep into not just gang territory, but gang war territory, when leaving the airport unless you wanted to go miles out of your way and get on the highway at one of the most dangerous intersections in the city.
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    I have really thought about what I would do.

    At my home I would wait until they breached the door. Then I would shoot. I would wait until I had no choice. Only at that point could I live with myself and justify the financial cost of the lawyers.

    My business is a little different. I would back up the computer and take the backup off site. Forward the phones. Then I would stand inside the door with a shotgun. That is more defensible in court. My business is my life. 35 years in business that can go down the tubes quickly. In the HVAC business most of my investment is in trucks and business reputation. The sheet metal shop would be lost. That's what insurance is far.

    Losing my records is what worries me the most. My basic response is to show force to slow them down and then run like hell. Why shoot someone to then lose the business in a liability suit.
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    while we each have a thought process
    Check and double check local and state law


    You have a “moment”!
    Use ever means available
    Protect yourself family friends and blue lives

    after incidence.
    Call the police
    Say the very least (shooting @xyz) nothing more
    Leave phone on
    Offer assistance to heathen as you safely can
    Stay armed; Stay vigilante
    Once officers are on scene
    Lay weapon down; back away
    Keep mouth closed

    Blue will sort out “whom” the heathens are

    say (fear for my life)

    Everything will be used against you-me

    Check and double check your local and state law
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    Don't know where you live, but in Texas, if covered by the Castle Law, there is no liability & the scenario you describe would come under the Castle Law.
  18. don5544

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    . If you own a business they come after you. Don’t care what the law says. It’s all about get rich quick on someone else’s dime. Yes I live in Texas
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    Unless they get a crooked judge, you have protection against liability lawsuits.
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    Sir. I don't think it, the attitude again'st, can be flushed quick enough.
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