Del-Ton AR's

Discussion in 'AR15' started by Jbass3152, Sep 3, 2010.

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    I have seen many people ask about Del-ton Ar's. In another post, this is what I wrote. This a true and honest opinion.I have a complete Del-ton Rifle. My background is Air Force Law Enforcement. I have shot Fn M-4's for over 20 years. The Del-ton I have was $800 (this included an ammo trade). In the past 2 months, I have put an Osprey gas piston system on it (very easy to do), rails that fit the gas piston were from midwest industries, a Veltor stock, UTG rear sight, and a forward hand grip that converts to a bipod. I added a flashlight and mount. This is a great weapon system. To explain furter, the Del-ton platform is worth every penny as long as they keep their prices where they are. The reliability is great. Everything that I have found about my Del-ton is Mil-spec. This weapon is awesome and there are many options. Build what you want. I am having a great time building my rifle.
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    I love my del-ton, i slapped it onto a DPMs lower and its been running like a champ, it doesnt like wolf ammo but oh well.

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    I have an Del-Ton M4gery upper on my coyote gun and it has been flawless. Shoots under an inch at a hundred too.
  4. ive got a 20" del-ton on a dpms lower works great for shooting balloons at 400yards