deloading dud rounds

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by infamous-l, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. infamous-l

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    g'day,a while back i was given a couple of rifles and some ammunition for them,there are a couple of 7.62x39 pmc rounds that have not gone off,there is a dent in the primer from the firing question is,can i use the hammer style bullet puller or do i need a press mounted one?my guess is that if the primer has not gone off then the hammer type will be safe,but you guys know lots more about it than me!!the rounds would have been fired at least 5 years ago.thanks.
  2. jerry

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    For a couple of rounds like that, I'd personally dispose of them.

  3. res45

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    Some PMC primer can be pretty hard,try loading them back in the rifle and shooting them again usually the second strike makes them go off.
  4. SwedeSteve

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    Being a scrounger and not wanting to waste a single piece of brass, I would say use the "hammer" inertia type bullet puller and be done with it !! It is totally safe, just whack it on concrete !! Save the bullet, the brass, and closely inspect the powder charge for consistency in weight, and no mixed powders. If in doubt, start your next BBQ with the powder !! Good luck !! Any questions, PM me !!

  5. +1 There is my vote as well....
  6. infamous-l

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    i never thought of throwing them away,or trying to shoot em again.the rifle needs a new recoil pad so as soon as i do that,ill put em in and see if they go off this time!!
  7. SwedeSteve

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    Why would a buttpad matter, or is this after the fact ??
  8. samuel

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    At my age if my butt isn't padded,it matters.
  9. gandog56

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    Or do you just like your butt paddled?
  10. infamous-l

    infamous-l G&G Newbie

    i'd just prefer to use the rifle with one,i go to a range to shoot most of the time and thought it might look a bit dodgy without one,don't wanna be told not to shoot that rifle,so therefore i will wait till it is fixed.i have used it without one on a farm.the rifle is actually for my 12 year old son.
  11. big boomer

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    Remember if they are 7.62x39 they are most likely berdan primed and not easily reloaded anyway.
  12. gandog56

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    Funny, ALL my 7.62X39 brass seems to be boxer primed. It's not like they're hard to find that way like 7.62X54R is.
  13. Id try to shoot them first. You end up with a case with a live primer in it if you just pull it. You can reuse the bullets. The powder would be no good. Then you have the case with a primer.

    Its ileagal to just toss live ordanance in the garbage and dangerous for others to do so. I suppose you could try to shoot the empty case. That is after you pulled the bullets and emptied it of powder. Ive done that a lot in my basement. Just be sure to be safe with them because they can hurt someone if fired at them. I put holes in paper at about 10 to 15 feet with just a primer.
  14. Purdy

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    Don't you have a river or other body of water nearby? See how far you can throw them.
  15. infamous-l

    infamous-l G&G Newbie

    being pmc brass,i thought they'd be boxer primed.i will try and shoot them again,hopefully they go.i know it doesn't really matter for 2 rounds but ive got them,so i might as well try and get something outta them.thanks for the help.
  16. oldjarhead

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    infamous...if they don't go off the second time, Brisbane has a huge body of water down at the pier...that's where I'd put them.
    Sorta like the Alka Seltzer commercial..."plink, plink"...
  17. infamous-l

    infamous-l G&G Newbie

    i work on that big body of water!!some of the trawlers in moreton bay used to trawl up unexploded bombs,i would prefer an undetonated bullet to an unexploded bomb!!
  18. Tracer

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    whack a mole! thats what i call the hammer puller
  19. oldjarhead

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    Well, gotta agree with you on this point!
  20. DaTeacha

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    On a different line of thought, have you disassembled the bolt and cleaned out any gunk around the firing pin? That could the cause of the whole problem and will cause future problems if not addressed.