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  1. I have two Colt Delta Elites in 10mm. Do they make barrels so I switch them to 40 cal and back?
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    The Delta Elite came in 10mm and .38 Super configurations. 38 Super is a rare bird in the Delta Frame/slide.

    Converting a 10mm to a .40....first why? and secondly......Yes it can be done.

    They make drop in and fully supported barrels for 1911 style guns.

    Drop-in barrels are made by Ed Brown, Kart, and Wilson.

    Fully supported barrels are made by Nowlin, Mc.Cormick etc.

    Best Source is a Brownells Catalog. It will point you in the right direction. Stainless vs. blued, ramped/supported vs. drop in etc.

    I would suggest that you also buy a slide and fit and match the barrel to. When you swap calibers, you just field strip the gun and reassemble the other slide assembly.

    You also will have to buy new magazines to get reliable feeding.

    You probably want the .40 S&W due to the milder report/recoil. Maybe a better option, if you reload, just back off on the powder on the 10mm to the minimum load.

    Ballistacally, the 10mm is far superior to a .40S&W.

  3. KyKen:
    Why is a good question. The reason is if just in case the day comes when it gets too hard to find 10mm ammo or not at all. Believe me I would NEVER trade down to a 40 unless it was for that reason. I am one of the biggest 10mm fans I know. I should reload but I don't. Thats one bridge I haven't crossed yet. Thanks for the info.