Democrat-ics,can't make up their minds

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  1. samuel

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    I just don't understand the PC party at all! Here about a year or two ago the democrat-ic party was having a sh*t hemorage about people calling them the "democrat party" and insisted everyone call them the "democratic" party.I just saw on fox news that they came out with a new logo.I knew they were confused,but this is beyond my comprehension.,,,,,I guess I'll take the dog for a run,hope he stays away from politics.(I think he is a democrat-ic in disquise)
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  2. oldjarhead

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    Wow, another thing from which the United States flag is banned. First God, now the flag. What's next?
    The obuma color scheme?
    Be careful; those demodogs can be sneaky.

  3. The Democrats probably spent months and paid somebody a million bucks to come up with that silly D-in-a-cicle logo. I could have done that in sixty seconds with Photoshop.
  4. kansascoyote

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    D also starts the word Dillhole