Democrat money strategy

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  1. Sunday morning New York Times

    Democratic Party has decided on a end game money strategy for the November elections. They will not furnish money to House races which they see as already lost. The Party plans to pump money into House races they feel they might win and must hold for their majority.

    So, I wonder how the losers in the money reallocation feel toward the big B. and Nancy Pelosi this morning? I wonder if they think party loyalty paid off? I wonder if they think following Nancy Pelosi's leadership with their votes was a good idea?

    Mmmmm, most I wonder if the losers in the money allocation are already out looking for their next job?
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    hopefully they will remember this when the dems try for some crazy bill after the elections and say F U.
    maybe they will be so mad theyll sign the petition to remove the health care bill from law.