Democrats and Racism

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    If you are a racist then the Democrats are your party.

    Which party wanted slavery? Everyone knows it was the Democrats. In fact, it was the need to directly oppose Democrat support for slavery that the Republican party was founded in 1854. After his election, it was the Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who finally succeeded in removing the Democrat’s stain of slavery from the face of America.

    Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, who led the country through World War I, was perhaps the most racist president in our history (he has some stiff competition in that infamy from Democrat President James Polk, a slaveholder his entire life). Wilson famously supported the KKK “to protect the southern country,” his administration resegregated federal departments that were being desegregated under Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, and wrote that the Negro race was racially inferior and should be denied the vote because “their minds are dark.” One scary dude.

    In what must be ranked by history as America’s second-most racist policy, after slavery, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered all Japanese Americans on February 19, 1942 to be imprisoned for no other reason than their race. He was able to do that by leveraging the mass fear and hysteria immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese navy (leveraging mass fear and hysteria… sound familiar today?). FDR was equally anti-Semitic, saying in archival records about American Jews, “They can’t be trusted, they won’t ever become fully loyal Americans, they’ll try to dominate wherever they go.” FDR’s anti-Semitism helps explain his pre-war refusal to accept Jewish refugees into the country who were desperately fleeing Nazi persecution in Europe.

    Indicative of FDR’s racism against blacks, after the 1936 Olympics in Berlin he invited just the white athletes to visit him in the White House. Not only did Jesse Owens, who had won four gold medals for the United States, not receive the same invitation from Roosevelt, but Owens said, “Hitler didn't snub me—it was [Roosevelt] who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram."

    When the modern Civil Rights Movement, led by Martin Luther King Jr., spread across the country in the 1950s and 60s, who were its chief opponents? Democrats. In 1964 the Democrats led the longest filibuster in US Senate history, delaying passage of the Civil Rights Act by 75 days. Reflecting their absolute resistance to racial equality, 19 US Senators and 82 Representatives from southern states signed the “Southern Manifesto” to “resist racial integration by all lawful means.” Of the 101 congressmen who signed the Southern Manifesto, 99 were Democrats. Another Democrat, Governor George Wallace of Alabama, is the lasting iconic symbol of American racism in the modern era.

    So if you’re a racist then you really should be voting Democrat. That’s the party for you; has been and always will be. If you abhor racism then you would be stupid to vote for a Democrat. Unlike Democrats, Republicans don’t embrace racial categorizations or stereotypes as the path forward. Republicans embrace individualism and follow the lead of MLK by choosing to judge a man by his character, not by his skin color.
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    Trump needs to get this message across...especially during the debates.

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    The left keeps the racial card in play to keep the black vote.
    But they won't do anything to help the blacks, only enslave them more with government assistance.
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    Been seeing a few signs that the blacks are waking up. Not a lot, but every little bit helps.
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    I've never met a more racist group than the democraps.

    Interesting how leftists try to project THEIR mental health issues onto others. This gets downright funny when they start screaming "constitution" and "unconstitutional" yet THEY are the ones on record as stripping gun rights--and actively proposing draconian gun bans.

    By definition "BLM" is racist. So those supporting it are racist. Then again, at one time the KKK was trendy too. Same difference.
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    In another thread I stated the BLM was just another KKK, only worse.
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    I have made that observation too. Racists and terrorists both.
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    Don't forget, the Republican party began voting black people into Congress almost as soon as it was legal to do so. The Democrats waited until the back half of the 20th Century to do so.
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