Democrats Try to Blame Wall Street

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    As we know, the Democrats are trailing badly in the polls in many of the election races this year. What looked like losing a few House seats come election day to the Republicans and perhaps one or two Senate seats six months ago, is now looking like an ***-kicking on the order of what they received in 1994. That would turn the House over to the Republicans; will certainly put paid to any possibility of a super-majority in the Senate; and might even cost them control of the Senate as well. The Democrats are, understandably, desperate for any stratagem or tactic which might prevent that, to say nothing of losing a number governorships to the Republicans.

    One thing they have decided to try is to put all the blame for our current financial woes on Wall Street. They are hoping (or should that be praying?) that the American people will remember the huge bonuses the brokerages handed out to their brokers and officers in the middle of what Washington persists in referring to as a 'recession' instead of calling it what it is. They are hoping they will blame the big Wall Street commercial banks for not making money available to smaller banks to lend to business. They are hoping that people will remember it was Curious George who initiated the Wall Street bailout , and not that it was the Obamination who bought GM using our tax money to do it. They are hoping that they will blame Wall Street for not helping out the little guys who are being foreclosed on, and not the Obamist program that was supposed to help American homeowners but hasn't.

    We the People need to keep our focus on the fact that the Democrats have not worked to help the American people, but rather to advance Obama's leftist/socialist agenda at every opportunity, doing nothing that will help the people they are supposed to be leading. They are frantically attempting to avoid the whomping at the ballot box that their actions have earned their party.

    Here's an article on how and why they are attempting to shift the blame for the troubles and tribulations of the American people to the Wall Street crowd:

    Dems try to deflect voter anger toward Wall Street - Yahoo! News
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    Just like a rabid dog.
    Biting one of the hands, that feeds them!

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    What ??? Did they stop blaming George Bush cause that crap was getting old ?
  4. The blame game doesn't work anymore. They can't shift the focus off of their Socialist agenda. Time for them to move to China, Where their financier, Soros is.
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    Even if some of the mess we are in can be blamed on the Republicans which some of it probally can. Pointing the finger at someone else when you are at the controls only makes you look like a five year old blaming his four year old little brother for breaking the lamp. Assigning blame does absolutely zero to fix anything. You asked for the job now do it. If you can't do it then admit it and move on. No shame. It is not going to be an easy task setting this country straight but if your ideas are not working then stop listen and make adjustments. I swear they just took Bush II streached him out a bit gave him some big goofy ears and a sun tan and then renamed him Obama. The same full speed ahead darn the torpedos attitude. Who cares what the people actually want I'm in charge and I am going to do whatever I please.

    "Those who know whats best for us. Must rise and save us from ourselves"

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    Sure, blame Wall Street for changing the laws that protected against mortgages being traded... blame Wall Street for handing out mortgages that had no chance in Hades of being repaid... blame Wall Street for insisting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were fiscally healthy... NOT!!!

    Remember to vote wisely...
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    as long as the "news" media is on their side, they can say anything and the sheeple will believe them.
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