Deputies find weapons at....

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  1. Rave

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    ...Jewish podiatrist's home.
    Tampa Tribune,August 24th.
    Seminole....One day after authorities say they stumbled upon a cache of munitions at his town house that included rocket launchers,antipersonnel mines,and plastic explosives'a Jewish podiatrist was accused of planning to blow up roughly 50 mosques and Islamic centers in the Tampa Bay area and through out the state.
    Federal agents say they found in the home Robert Goldstein shares with his wife a meticulous three-page "missio template" to destroy an Islamic education center.
    In the plan,agents say Goldstein uses a derogatory term to describe the muslims he hopes to kill,and there's talk of placing napalm under a dirt road as part of a contingency plan to hold off any police officers arriving at the center.
    The TV showed automatic weapons and a Barret .50 cal rifle,obviously the man had money and connections.the TV the day before also said his wive turned him in saying he was unstable so they were holding him under the Baker Act for 72 hours while they were investigating the situation.
    I would think that by turning him in she has unknowingly turned in a few other folks as well.
    As I have said before,there's never a dull moment down here in Tampa Town.:nod: :nod: :nod: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Nice collection. Obviously it's pretty easy to get whatever you want (that is illegal) just proving the point, if you outlaw them, only the outlaws will have them.

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    New addition,seems like he is a licensed dealer,has a license for the guns but not the explosives.:cool:
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    Really? This is a travesty! Big Brother is now going to be checking, inspecting, and breathing down on every single FFL holder. no telling what new restrictions this will cause. I hope it's not true.

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    I don't even know if I'll renew my C&R or not, don't know if it will be worth it!
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    Jihad on the Islam types..hmnn...