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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by stead, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. stead

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    hope this is the right forum.does anyone know anything about the derringer kits you see advistment, like the 22,.410,45lc,.410 have to cut your own breechface,sideplates,what type or steel do use,cr,hr,other,are they any good or a pos,thanks in advance.
  2. Khym

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    Nasty little guns, whether you buy them ready-made or stick them together yourself. Virtually impossible to hold when they go off. The recoil will cause the hammer to cut the web of your hand.
    Trigger pull on the finished versions (presumably assembled by people who knew what they were doing) is similar to that of a staple gun. Accuracy is nil beyond a few yards. The .410 version self-destructed after a few rounds so I wouldn't have much confidence in any of the other calibers. The price is tempting but
    what you end up with won't work when you need it to.

  3. boneguru

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    bought one a while back in 45/410 single shot, not a kit. does have a kick, just don't limp wrist and your ok. got it for snake loads. perfect, taken at least a dozen over the years, good eatin.
    cant say about the kits, the one I got didn't look like nasa eng. so how hard could it be? if you can weld and craft metal, I said I bought mine for reason, I cant
  4. Klaus

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    I have an American Derringer DA38 in 9mm. It is definitely not a kit or cheap. It is pretty accurate, double action, and highly concealable. Good quality derringers make great CCWs for civilians, IMHO.
  5. J.A.

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    Get a copy of Shotgun News there is a ad for a company(Lee mfg. I think is the name) that sells the side plates with all the holes drilled in them. The breech face has to be welded on.
    A co-worker bought some of the kits 5 years ago that had everything except the breech face. This was before the BATF decided that the side plates couldn't be sold with the kit. He cut the breech face from some angle iron with a torch. Said it took him about a hour to grind the breech face to fit,drill the firing pin hole, and weld it on.