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Detachable Magazine Design

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by MrCatch22, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. MrCatch22

    MrCatch22 G&G Regular

    Folks, I must apologize in advance, as I know there're a few threads regarding detachable magazines on here already. I didn't want to hijack anything, so I started a new one.
    So, that said, here's the deal: I've been working on a design for a detachable box mag for the Mosin Nagant that does not involve alteration of the original rifle, and works as a true, modern mag...push-button release, spring and follower that stay in the mag body when you change mags, etc. I've come up with several designs, but haven't been able to work on any due to trips overseas and a really packed schedule.
    Well, my wife and I just drove cross-country for a job-related move, and somewhere in Montana all the pieces fell together! My design, in a nutshell, uses a modified "Lower Receiver" (ie, an original or Repro Mosin Mag), and thus allows the use of a modern mag, without having to modify the stock or the upper receiver.
    Here's the issue...I won't be able to even start fabricating a mock-up for a while, and I really can't spend hours trying to bring this thing to life. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any Mosin parts fabricators that might be interested in checking out my design. I'd prefer a small fabricator with a good rep, because my plan is to just pass the design onto someone that can produce it, get it on the market, and make some money. All I'd really like in return are a few finished units, and maybe some parts for my other Mosins :)
    What are yall's thoughts? Anyone you've done business with that you'd recommend? Oh, the only real requirements are VERY basic metalworking tools...if I go it alone, I'll be using nothing fancier than a dremel.

    Thanks, Folks!

    ***Edit: Forgot to mention that my design does not rely on the original floor plate catch, which also means that it could be modified to work with a lot of older rifles. I also have seen Mosin mags for as little as $2.00 each, so a fabricator could do something similar to what Mr. Josh Smith or Smith Sights does, and either modify someone's existing mag, or charge and extra $10.00 or so to just ship the person a new mag, letting them keep their original part intact and unmodified. Thanks again!
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  2. Grumpyoldphart

    Grumpyoldphart G&G Newbie

    I applaud your efforts, however what advantage will you gain by having a removable magazine on an obsolete rifle? If you have decent stripper clips and practice a bit, you can load just about as fast as a mag swap. The real value of these rifles is not in converting them into something they are not, and never were, but in keeping them in their original historical configuration.

    I recognize that it is your rifle, to do with as you see fit, but consider the implications. If you pay attention to Gunbroker, you can see what altering these rifles does to their value. (it ain't pretty)
  3. caopai

    caopai G&G Addict

    I'm not trying to validate either your's or OP's purpose here, but many people who alter their rifles don't really care what it does to the value.
  4. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Well, an advantage of doing so is you can make the mag hold more than 5 rounds. And as long as the rifle can be converted back to original, I would be OK with that.
  5. Grumpyoldphart

    Grumpyoldphart G&G Newbie

    High capacity, bolt action, obsolete rifle. I am guessing someone is going for cheap tactical, rapid fire Mosin-Nagant. May as well add a laser, flashlight, and plasma death ray. No need in half measures.
  6. TXBOB

    TXBOB G&G Newbie

    More Firepower

    I'm with you if you can come up with a good idea to add 10 rounds or more at a time in an easily to convert or adapt magazine, why not!
  7. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist


    I never said OK to take it that far. You want a black plastic evil a black plastic evil rifle! A bolt action is nowhere near a semi auto in operation or speed.
  8. tobnpr

    tobnpr G&G Enthusiast

    Well, I'm no real fan of DBM's; I don't "get" the attraction for most applications.

    I think for some, it's the "tacticool" mall ninja thing...

    Nonetheless, the attraction of the Archangel stock seems primarily due to the DBM.
  9. MrCatch22

    MrCatch22 G&G Regular

    Sorry all for not replying sooner; the wife and I just got internet set up, and are unpacking our new home. In response to the above (and other) comments, here's the idea:
    If you have a centered scope mount (some of the permanent PEs, JMeck, etc), you can't use stripper clips when you've got a scope mounted. For a non-scoped Mosin, strippers work great...just not with a gun scoped with a near eye-relief optic.
    The design I've come up with does not alter the original rifle at all. That was the point of my initial post; sorry if I wasn't clear about that. It's a replacement magazine, that'd let you use detachable box mags. Why detachable? So I can put on a scope and still shoot without loading single rounds, of course :)
  10. MrCatch22

    MrCatch22 G&G Regular

    Haha, already have one of those :) Nope, not trying to make a "tactical" Mosin, but I do think the platform could perform pretty well in a modern setting with only some minor tweaking. Come to think of it, I've seen them used on a modern battlefield :)
    Again, the point was to give an extended capacity and quick reload ability to those who use scopes, and to do so without altering the rifle. I wasn't clear about that in my first post.
  11. writerinmo

    writerinmo G&G Evangelist

    I considered working on a detachable mag to work in with the other products I make but never got past how to make them work with the interrupter design, since the original mag doesn't have "ears" at the top to retain the ammunition and a detachable mag would require them. Working in a "retainer" of some sorts that would release when the magazine was latched into the rifle just made it a bit more complicated than I thought was feasible to keep the costs down and make it marketable. I have manufactured the ELBY Mosin Nagant front sight adjusting tools for about three years now and am about to bring out an SKS scope mount that has an integrated shell deflector so you can use full length scopes, I'd be interested in taking a quick look at the design and see what sort of costs you might incur in producing it.
  12. MrCatch22

    MrCatch22 G&G Regular

    Sounds like a plan! Once my wife and I get settled in, I'll draw out the plans in a more "official looking" way, and let you look them over. The hardest part is retention of the rounds, as you stated.
  13. Mosinnewbe

    Mosinnewbe G&G Evangelist

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  14. MrCatch22

    MrCatch22 G&G Regular

    Correct; that mag is for the Archangel stock, made by Promag. Cool thing about that stock is that it requires no alteration of the original rifle, but it's also made to look like a 'modern/tactical/cool guy' sniper stock, and it runs about $200.00.

    EDIT: I stand corrected...seems that Centerfire has the stock for $150.00. Weird, as Centerfire usually overprices everything BUT firearms!
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  15. writerinmo

    writerinmo G&G Evangelist

    There have been loads of people running into problems with the Archangel magazines, from them dropping out when you fire to feeding problems. One "fix" is on youtube that entail "shoving something in them and baking them in the oven".
  16. Mosinnewbe

    Mosinnewbe G&G Evangelist

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    The ultimate look in my opinion is to design something that looks like it came from the period that the rifle was made. As example I've been dreamed of making a B.A.R magazine conversion to a Garand with a hardwood stock that looks like a cross between those two rifles. Something that looks like it came out of forgotten storage at the Springfield and Browning factories.
  17. MrCatch22

    MrCatch22 G&G Regular

    That's pretty much what got me looking into building a Mosin. I saw a lot of "modified" Mosins and Enfields in Afghanistan, and they were pretty interesting. We talk about bad Bubba jobs, but in Pashtunistan, just about every rifle they fix up looks like it came out of a Mad Max film props department, and then someone added all the bells and whistles they could fit. Literally bells and whistles...we called them "jingle guns."
    Anyway, I thought "if I were a Russian soldier in Stalingrad, facing Germans with Mausers, what would I want to see changed about my rifle?" Based on what was doable at the time, I decided a free floating barrel, a metal shroud in place of the upper handguard, a muzzle brake, and a detachable box magazine would be pretty terrific.
    In my case, I only own one Mosin right now, and will not permanently alter it in any way. The above description is pretty much what I'll go for with a future build.
  18. Mosinnewbe

    Mosinnewbe G&G Evangelist

    IMO it looks pretty dumb to take a 19th century antique looking weapon and add a bunch of modern looking plastic tacticool stuff to it. Detachable magazines have been in use since at least the 1917 (or is it 1918?) B.A.R. so they are appropriate. So is a B.A.R. type bipod.
  19. Smoke_44

    Smoke_44 G&G Addict

    What ever happened with this project? I like the idea of a DBM for a 'modified' Mosin. I have a M-44 that would look nice with a higher capacity magazine installed. I would never again chop up a Mosin Nagant, but what's done is done.

    Maybe I will undertake a similar project and attempt a magazine build. Hmm, where to start? This is going to be interesting.

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  20. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Since no alterations to the rifle are involved, I am interested.

    But still not sure if I even NEED more than 5 rounds.
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