Detachable mags problems

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by F1609, May 8, 2008.

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    Not my problems just post them here. Gonna try and see what can be improved or what kind of things can be SAFELY altered to make the mags operating as function.

    1) My 30rnd detachable sometimes won't cycle the next round into the chamber, it slides down a little bit causing the bolt to slide over the next round instead of picking it up.
    a) Fixed this by pulling the magazine towards me while shooting. Never have anyother problems than that. I shoot a Yugo 59/66 accepts my magazine tight except for the lil sliding issue. Probably only falls 1/8 of an inch.
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    Weird. My 30s never had that problem.... I have done some bending to them(they're the steel 30s) mainly to that steels piece in front of the ammo right at the top. I did a small bit of filing, but not much. I did more filing to my Tapcos. On my Tapcos the lips were a tad too thick and it was hard to push the mag up far enough to get it to latch. Wasn't much, but it needed a little filing. So I did that and it works VERY well now. Also on those 30rders. In case no one has noticed, they rattle in the mag well. I fixed that by putting a few layers of duct tape on the side only where it goes into the mag well and now there's no rattle and I think it feeds better because the mag doesn't move around as much.

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    you know ive never had that problem. Ten in ten out.