Rossi Dick Rossi, 92; Flying Tigers pilot dies...

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    I had the honor of meeting (4) former AVG (American Volunteers Group - Original Flying Tigers of 1941). I also met Dick Rossi, (6) victories.... during a AVG Flying Tigers Convention here in Michigan, and had a lengthy talk with him. I have a Flying Tigers painted leather patch, and chinese blood chit on the reverse side on my WW-2 pilots jacket that Dick was kind enough to sign for me, along with Eric Shilling, Tex Hill, (10.25) victories, and Charley Bond (7) victories).
    Dick will be sadly missed....
    Dick Rossi, 92; Flying Tigers pilot downed 6 Japanese planes - Los Angeles Times
    History of the Flying Tigers (AVG)
    HISTORY: American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers)

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    Condolences to family of fallen warrior. Lived a long and productive life.

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    Farewell, and rest in peace. Your duty is done, performed with honor, and you have earned a well deserved respite from the rigors of everyday life. May the Lord hold you in His arms, and comfort you. Well done, comrade, well done.
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    An excellent read for their exploits is the book, "God Is My Co-pilot" by one of the pilots - sadly I disremember his name. They were a very gutsy group of guys!
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    I knew I should remember that, Big Dog. His name was Robert Lee Scott, Jr. I shoulda remembered that name, since I been carrying it for 55 years!
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    A group of patriots. Seabee Scotty's post #3 expresses my feelings as well. God, please welcome another warrior at your throne.
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    America's GREASTEST generation
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  10. General Scott was from right up the road. Check out God is my co-pilot. I love the story about "Tex" shaving and hearing the "Indians" call. He jumped into his P-40 wearing a towel. He didn't even wipe the lather off his face. I read about the AVG when I was in elem. school. They prob. don't even have books like that in school libraries anymore. Good post.
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    General Scott, “God Is My Co-Pilot” author, dead at 97

    Below is the news story and the second link is to a "1945 trailer preview from TCM of the movie "God is My Co-Pilot".

    Obituary of Robert Lee Scott, Jr.

    General Scott, “God Is My Co-Pilot” author, dead at 97

    1945 Preview of the Movie "God is My Co-Pilot", with Robert Lee Scott, Jr. giving a foreword about the film.

    "Click on.... God is My Co-Pilot - (Original Trailer) 111
    (In the large yellow box (below the TV screen) lettered in "red" to view the preview.)

    God Is My Co-Pilot (1945) Featured Trailers
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    Chuck, I watched that movie a buncha times, and never got tired of it. I was kinda puny, as a kid, and my elder relatives, and the guys in the war movies were my heroes, and made me feel as though I had a purpose in life. Gen. Scott could have been the man I was named after, but I found out that I was named after a great uncle. But it's nice to share a name with an American Hero!
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    Scotty; I watch it on TCM (Turner Movie Classics) every time it is shown. The (1942) "Flying Tigers" with John Wayne is another.

    Flying Tigers (1942 Movie Trailer - John Wayne)

    [ame=""]YouTube - FLYING TIGERS 1942 JOHN WAYNE TRAILER[/ame]

    Original (1942) Flying Tigers (AVG) Newsreel Video:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Flying Tiger newsreels[/ame]
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    Yeah, I love those old war movies! They were simply about the heroes serving their country, and defeating the enemy. None of the propaganda we see today, even though some were filmed just to make people feel safer.
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    Seabeescotty, Yep! That's the feller! I read the book back in high school - some 35 years ago - guess I had a bout of CRS. :)
    I loved the story he told of how they'd repaint the spinners and bands on their planes after a few missions - made the Japs think the AVG had more planes than they really did!

    Heard an airplane joke once -
    The pilot is flying in a bad storm, can't keep it up. Finally calls to God....
    "I can't fly her, Lord! You take over!"
    He says, "And ya know what? God cracked it up!" :09:

    We have a small airshow here in Tallahassee, Fl on the weekend of the 17th-18th of May - the "AirFest 2008". Supposed to be some warbirds showing up. I'll be there for sure!
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    Ilove seeing the old birds, and only wish they could tell their stories. We used to go to the air museum at Castle AFB, and wonder for hours, among the collection of planes they had on display. Ever so often, they'd open one so you could check it out from the inside.


    My grandfather was a maitnence man for the flying tigers and while he was there he led a group of engineers through the jungle 90 miles to rescue a downed pilot behind enemy lines
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    Yeah, the ground crews were as heroic as the pilots they kept in the air. It was their job to keep the field safe, keep the planes flying, and keep the group going, as a cohesive fighting force. My Dad was a mechanic, on B29's, in the Pacific. He wanted to be a tailgunner, but was too big, for the position.
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    New York
    I loved General Scott's stories about "Old Exterminator" and how he would repaint the spinner and come in from different directions to make the Japanese think there were more P-40s out there than there really were. The AVG were a special bunch of guys who signed on to fight tyranny before we got into the war - even though their first missions were after Pearl Harbor.

    And one more to remember was Judge Charles Older. He was a Flying Tiger pilot in his time, and had the job of judging the Helter Skelter murder cases committed by the Manson Family in 1969. If I remember correctly, he had 18 kills but never sought publicity. Good thing for Manson that the time he tried to attack Judge Older and Bailiff Rusty Burrell (who went on to greater fame as the bailiff of The Peoples Court) had to tackle him, that he didn't make it. Judge Older was in the habit of wearing a pistol under his robes and clearly could hit what he pointed at!
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    All good reading !! Thanks guys.