Did I get a good deal on my Savage model 110?

Discussion in 'Savage' started by wmr255, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. I just purchased a savage model 110 in 30-06 over labor day weekend from a guy for 250$. The guy said he had never shot the gun before, and from the looks of it, it had never been shot. Plus the guy didn't know it had an internal magazine, until I pointed it out. Did i get this gun for a good price, and how much could i get out of it if i wanted to sell it?
  2. dman24

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    I would say you got a good price. I got one used almost 2 years ago for $300. It was a package deal, so it came with a scope premounted. Mine has the synthetic stock and accutrigger. I would say you could probably get at least $350 or so maybe more, but I could be wrong. Either way you got a good rifle from what I have seen from mine.

  3. oldjarhead

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    Yes, price-wise.
    Why did he want to sell a rifle he's never fired?
    It would easily command $400-450 based on new price.
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    Just traded my Old 110 in .270 for an Ruger 10/22 with an Arch Angel Stock. so yea, you got a good deal.
  5. The guy said that he had bought the rifle a couple years ago and planned on going hunting with it out of state, but then it just ended up taking up space when he never got around to going hunting with it. He seemed very honest and was also selling another gun at the swappers day event here in ohio. I was just hoping i didnt get ripped off, so thanks for helping me out with an answer.
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    Did you kiss him? You should've. :D
  7. Does it have the Accutrigger? If it does you got a great deal. Clean that bore!
  8. gandog56

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    Well, about 30 years ago I got my Savage 110 in .270. I think it was around $250 brand new.
  9. deucemx22

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    I got a 110 in 7mm rem mag 4 years ago with a Simmons scope for about 400. If you wanted to sell it You could probably get 350-400 for it. They aren't bad guns at all. I liked mine until I got a T/C Encore Pro Hunter in the same caliber. I will never look back.