Did TD Ameritrade stop to THINK what this music implies?

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    TD Ameritrade is advertising some new stock buying and selling tools/processes on the radio in the NYC tristate area. The announcer talks about the new doohickies with this music playing in the background:

    What I am wondering is this. Did anyone at TD Ameritrade stop to think that the title music from Get Smart is the music to a series about CONTROL's most bumbling, fumbling spy? Did they stop to think what that music is saying about their traders and these new tools? Are they REALLY that out of touch with what music can say about people?

    You all know what I mean. If you want to signal general menace, you play a few bars of the "Theme from Jaws." You want to portray someone as being the underdog, you play "Gonna Fly Now." You want show someone is evil, give 'em a few bars of "The Imperial March." You want to signal you're off an an adventure, the opening of "The Raiders March" will get the point across; so will the fanfare from Star Trek TOS. You want to make the point someone is a bungler, "Yakity Sax" will do it. You want to show someone is a clown, "Entry of the Gladiators" will do it for you. To show someone dashing to the rescue, you use the bugle call from the Galop of "The William Tell Overture," aka The Lone Ranger Theme. You take my point.

    So why would TD Ameritrade put together an ad using music associated with the least adept spy ever to appear on American television? I just don't get it.
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    I think it's very fitting music for them & all stock brokers!:rolleyes:
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