Did the FAL guys 'defect' to other websites?

Discussion in 'FN-FAL/FNC/FN-49' started by Laufer, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Laufer

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    Have been reading about these, and might one day acquire one, in the long-term (2-3 years).
  2. Billyz

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    I am thinking the posts have not been fixed yet in the reshuffle.

  3. I am getting ready to build one soon along with G3 HK's and hopefully VZ58 too...so yeah I guess I am hanging were I can learn some how to stuff...but I sure like a lot of the folks here ...just don't see too much build info.
  4. Mooseman684

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    I still have the one I built....LOL
  5. Would love to see the info on that! I think I am going to build mine on the Coonan receiver when I get ready.
  6. Kodiak32

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    I still have my FAL; probably always will.

    Congrats Moooseman for winning the last rifle pagent with your FAL, it looks really good. I tried to enter mine, but messed the pictures up.

    I'll post the thread if I can find it.

    I cant find it, Mooseman if you still have the link could you post it?
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