Didja see the Lady Cop get run down on the news?

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  1. Howdy,

    I watched a news broadcast this morning and I only caught a portion of it. I think it was a Texas PD Seargent that was crossing the street and was mowed down by some drunk stripper slut, right in front of another cruises video camera!!

    It seems the female driver, an absolute pillar of the community at age 18, was drunk. She works as a stripper and was going home from a bar. She never botered to stop for the tred light until after she flattened the Police officer!

    The stripper was invited into a bar by it's owner, who gave her the wrist band she needed so she could drink. He then let her drive home, with him, in his car!!!

    I'm looking for the story, but the officer is expected to recover, they actually interviewed her in this news report.

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    I'm glad shes okay. The party slut should get 5yrs and community service! Maybe janitorial work at the cops precinct...hmmm???

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    If it was in TX, it's Intoxication Assault. Bar owner could be charged under the Alcoholic Beverage Code.