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diference in accuracy ak vs sks

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i was looking at buying my son a sks for hunting but i was wondering how much more accurate is it compared to the ak
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My SKS is a 2 moa gun.My aK is about a 4 moa gun. The SKS also sports a 20" barrel ,so velocity is a bit higher than the aK as well.
so the sks makes the 762x39 round a little more powerful right . so it would have a little more range than the ak with the same round. so then what would be a good lets say safe killing range for a ak and a sks for shootin deer
we just got some ol swamp deer down here so it would probably be in the 100 to 140 pound deer
I haven't done much hunting in a long time,but I have some friends in Fl. and Tn. and they try to get within 50yds of the target if possible and use soft-points.:cool:
I have some friends that hunt, a lot, and they tell me the SKS has about the same killing range as a 30-30 Win. I would think you could do the job from about 100 to about 150yds. I wouldn't try past 150yds., though. You could probably hit a deer out to about 200yds., but I don't think you'd have enough left, at that range, for a sure kill.
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thanks for the info i hope my son can get him a deer next year
I would keep the range in the 100 yard area. Certainly not more than 125 yards. The 7.62x39 may kill at longer distances, but it would be a chancy thing on deer sized critters and you would have to be real sure of your bullet placement. The bullets trajectory is similar to the 30-30, but it is less powerful. The standard weight bullet for the 7.62x39 is around 123 to 125 grains where as the standard bullet weight for the 30-30 is 150 grains. Both move at around 2300 feet per second so the 30-30 is gonna hit harder.:D
When I lived in Va. in the early 90's the SKS was the cheapest deer gun on the market. Everybody I knew used an SKS and were very successful. Most shots were under 100 yards. Use the soft points and you'll do just fine.
good luck
I own an SAR-I and its a great gun but I have never considered either it, or an SKS as a hunting rifle.

Maybe Im just old-fashioned or mentally warped but I would tend to agree with Klaus. I no longer do any hunting, prefering to improve/maintain my rusty skills shooting paper, but even if I were to take-up hunting again I would use a Mosin-Nagant.

Most importantly I would prefer the Mosins caliber as far as "killing power"....Im a firm believer in taking the prey down as quickly and painlessly as possible but for me another issue comes into play. I prefer bolt-action rifles for sport and hunting because they require me to actually concentrate on each shot thereby developing my skills. Semi-autos encourage "peppering" the target with multiple shots and because of the smaller caliber, I would be afraid of an "unclean" kill.

Have you considered a Mosin-Nagant for your son?...seriously?

If the M44 packs too much kick I would think one of the unissued Yugosalvian Mauser M48A rifles would be a DREAM to hunt with!
You can get a Russian M44 in unissued condition for about $75 with ammo costing about $50 per can of 440 rds. The unissued Yugo Mauser can also be bought in "mint" condition for about $175 with the ammo costing even less.
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I would say that an SKS is a good hunting rifle, provided you know its limitations. The 7.62x39 is available in a 150 grain hunting load now, and accuracy is very good. It won't give you any improvement in the range, but it will surely anchor a deer within 150 yards.
The SKS isn't the greatest choice, but, it sure isn't the worst, either. If your son is big enough to handle one, then by all means, have at it. Not only will it make him a good deer rifle, but one helluva plinker, too.
The Yugo M48 Mausers may be a bit cheaper than indicated here. I have two. I got a new M48 with a beautiful stock for $130. I also got a new M48A, with a rough looking stock, at a clearance sale for $90! The 8mm round is suitable for any large game in the US, in my opinion.
How old/big is your son? I think one should start getting good with full powered bolt action rifles as soon as they're physicaly fit to do so. Even if something less powerful is sufficient, the full power is better IF he can handle it. Of course, I started shooting at 18 and 165lb, and never had the experience a rifle being too powerful for me (course I never fired a .460 Weatherby Mag, or a BMG... fired a .458 though). Certainly wouldn't want to turn him off from shooting by overwhelming him.
he just turned 13 and he wants to go hunting now . sounds like a good exscuse for me to start buying more guns.he handles my sar1 very good .so good he scares me . he is deadly accurate at least out to 75 yards. he is even better with my friends ak74. alot less recoil. those are some nice guns. about like an ar15 but more reliable i guess.and about the same on recoil
I have to agree with the others on the M-48. It is a very accurate and dependable rifle. For less money than a SKS. Recoil is not that bad, more than the AK or SKS but less than The Mosin. :D
As much as I like Mosin-Nagants, especially the M44, I would NEVER recommend one for a 13 year old unless he is about 6ft3in and 240 lbs.
I think I may have been the first person to mention the Yugo M48 and really must repeat. Their high quality (they even have a teak stock!), good accuracy, low-recoil and huge supply of cheap ammo make them a STEAL at anywhere from $80 in average used condition upto about $160 for one in mint/unissued condition like I had.
My other point was my personal preference of a bolt action rifle for young shooters if the goal is to focus on concentration, accuracy and patience.
Whatever you decide I am sure your son will be THRILLED! I sure wish my dad had been so cool.
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