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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by billy, May 28, 2008.

  1. billy

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    they dont answer the phone or respond to e-mails.

    do they take summers off?

    i am sure the customer service is second to none.
    because they dont have any!!!!!!
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  2. neophyte

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    Too Busy

    Dillon the subject: billy: Sir, I totally agree at the moment. I too e-mailed them. Mine was Monday and message said "someone" would respond withing 24-48 hrs.
    My plans are to re-email them:) and ask. Why

  3. I've had a Dillon press for 30 years. Started with a 450 upraded it to a 550, manual prime & powder and a square deal. I never had a problem with their warranty. When they said no questions asked ... in my case and over 30 years I've had a few, They even replaced cartridge pins that I lost for free including shipping.
  4. billy

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    they took care of me.
  5. neophyte

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    Dillon answered my e-mail:)
  6. Mike Dillon is a big time Vet backer. I'd bet he gave everyone the day off.
  7. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i told the guy the part number from the press i got from mooseman.
    the guy goes
    thats an old press .
    we dont use those numbers anymore .
    whats your address?
    i am sending you a new part along with a new manual.

    the part i broke.
    my press came with a spare.
    thanks uncle moose!
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  8. AzShooter1

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    I started out with a Dillon 300, upgraded to a 450 then a 550 which I use for all my rifle reloading.

    Last year I bought a 650 for pistol loading and fell in love with it. I take my time but can still crank out over 600 rounds in an hour. That's enough to last me a few weeks at my current shooting.

    I also have their electronic scale.

    What I like is when a part goes bad even if it's my fault they just give me a replacement. Many times parts are out of warrenty and they will check them out, say " Oh, more than one thing broke so I'll give you a new one."
  9. I e-mailed Dillion one time about getting some calenders to send to Afghanistan and Iraq. They got right back to me and offered case prices at wholesale. Good folks.
    The calenders from Dillion are the second most popular thing I send over, next to butt wipes. The DJ in aftershave bottles has been a really big hit.