Dingo shooting (pic)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Mick, May 5, 2008.

  1. Mick

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    Went out with Dad and a mate Rick on sunday morning, Rick has a Scotch predator call which he used to call this dingo up which dad dispatched with his .270.
    1. Dad and I. 2. Rick and his son Jake. 3. He's a long SOB. 4. Scalped ready to cash in for $25 bounty.

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  2. Tops stuff mick,where did he hit it?Would have thought there would be clarret leaking all over the shop.$25 would be lucky to get you a six pack of bundy now the govt has put 30% on top of the price so binge drinkers will stop drinking spirits in cans.

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  4. Earl Easter

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    Thanks for the pictures Mick
    Always a pleasure hearing about another fellas hunt. He is a brute!
  5. Nathan123

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    Good job mate, he is a healthy looking dog.
  6. Mick

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    Irish, just to satisfy your morbid curiosity.:)
    He was running straight at us, Dad hit him straight in the centre of the chest with a 120gr accutip at about 50 yards, no exit wound, but he felt something like a bag full of jelly.

    The $25 doesn't go far when there's 4 thirsty hunters lined up after a good day, but it's a start.
  7. All we can get here is Foster's, but I'll do a few with you guys. One heck of of a puppy. I'm glad you took him out of the gene pool.

    Had two black bears here yesterday, a big old sow and last year's cub. Fun to watch......................for now.
  8. Thanks for showing the picts Mick, Congrats ... I love predator hunts too.
  9. meatloaf

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    hey mic how big do those things get? I had a couple dingos for pets as a boy and they were way smaller than that one. They were good dogs a little crazy but they were good pets. I wouldnt want to run into a pack of wild ones though. Here in the US wild dogs are a problem too. I visited a freind in Arizona, and the rule there is keep a collar on them with tags or they are shot on site.
  10. Mick

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    that is a fair sized dog, but he is as close to pure as you get, when they start cross breeding with stray domestics you get some real monster puppies, eg german shepherd, bull mastiff or anything of that breeding are quite common to find.

    The same rules apply here too, if it doesn't have a collar it's wild, and is shot on sight, most people I know have day-glo orange collars or wide leather collars with stainless tags on their dogs.
  11. Hideous

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    good job.

    I hate those stupid scotch predator calls. I had a guy selling them at a gun show at the next table - 2 days of listening to it and i was about to shoot him.
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  12. wily1

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    Nice looking animal, is there a limit on how many you can shoot in a day, do you need a lic. just curious. Here in Manitoba we get a trappers lic for $5 and can shoot coyotes here most of the winter and sell the pelts. We can shoot them out of season if they are considered "problem wildlife" but the pelts aren't any good in the warm weather.
  13. Coeloptera

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    $25.00 AUD for one? Not bad. I assume no limit like on the rabbits?

    Just had to say nice job on the skinning. That looks super clean.

    Part of me feels sort of bad because I love dogs so much, but...invasive species. Gotta wipe 'em out if you can. Your poor continent really got the short end of the stick with invaders - serves you right for having so many venomous horrors! ;)

    - Coeloptera
  14. Oxford

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    Mick...good pics and story. Thanks for posting about your hunt.
  15. tlarkin

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    Can you eat them? Like a hot dog or something?
  16. mosquitofish

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    nice pics, I thought dings were rare???
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    Nice size dog, how often do you get to hunt them? I hear that over there you can even hunt bulls that have gone wild? I sure wouldn't mind spending some time over there.
  18. hunterspistol

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    That's neat, never saw a real dingo before.
  19. Mick

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    There is no limits on dingos, no need for a licence either, if ya see one pop it.

    The bounties price vary from area to area, I worked out west a couple of years ago where there was a real problem with dingos, it was sheep growing country, and the bounty out there was $110 a scalp, regardless of size or age, I found a den of pups and got the mother and 4 pups $550 thank you very much. But you can't transport scalps out of the area they where shot in, big fines, so that wrecks that idea if anone was going to suggest it :)

    I reckon you could hunt just about anything over here. As most game animals here are introduced they are not protected. Camels, donkeys, bulls, horses, goats, deer, foxes, rabbits, cats. These are all regarded as a pest animal in most areas.