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Disabled, not dis-interested

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by taras, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. It's blatantly obvious by Robert only having one reply, which was from me, there are very few dis-abled sportsmen who know of this forum. I know it's not because of a total lack of disadvantaged hunters, as I'm one of them.
    Just as important as aiding some-one with different abilities, is to speak to them, let them know about the forum. This is especially true in the case of some-one like myself who was in an accident, that changed what I could and couldn't do.
    Perhaps I don't do things the same way, and some things I no longer can do, but this doesn't mean my interest went away as well. Not unlike the last few days of my late fathers life, He knew he would never see the fields again, but he still wanted to know how tall the barley was.
    If you have a friend who used to hunt, fish, etc. then don't avoid the subject assuming it may upset them that they no longer can. The opposite may be true, and all they may be waiting for, is an invite, and a little help. Thanks for reading this, just something to think about.
  2. Disabled Shooters

    taras: I for one want to apoligize, I check the site everyday, just didn't know what to say. I have a disability, but not in the traditional sense. I have kidney failure and on hemodialysis, therefore I am very limited as to what and how much I can do. I fatigue very easly, so climbing hill and mountains to hunt like I used to is out of the question. But I still hunt and shoot limited though I may be. I have two wonderfull sons who I taught at a very young age to hunt and respect the outdoors. They give up precious time to see I can get to a stand, and come anytime I need help with field dressing etc. thank GOD for walkie talkies. I have 170 acres here in West Virginia to hunt on plus neighboring property, thank GOD for good neighbors. My sons and friends have cut atv trails so I can get around over most of my property. I can hunt deer, bear, coyote, turkey, small game, and some birds.They have built a shooting range in back of my house for bow and gun. We have family outings and neighborhood outings there also. I like to roast a pig and beef ea. year. sometimes a deer, he he he. Life is good if we are looking at the grass from the top side, we have to be happy by crackey. So the rest of you guys out there let taras hear from you, if you are alive say so. Taras ask your Questins, give your comments, I'll help where I can annd I know some guys to get answers from. " So there, by crackey"

  3. "You to Robert" by crackey.
  4. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    In response

    I fit the discription at least the VA rates me as 70% disabled (50+30+10% = 70 in VA any case I read the post and if you notice a lot of the boards only have a few threads on them and some have only the admin intal post...I dont belive people dont understand or care ect...most people disabled or not I BELIVE just cant think of new topics that easy....some topics generate more response but they are usaly contraveral...for example if you posted ALL Glocks are would get a lot of replies...but if a post is clear and express something that just does not need a reply then most people read it and move on.
    For ME I lost the vision in my right eye while serving in the Maries. I went from sniper to learning how to hold a rifle again...still not as good as I was. Useing a pistol has been a long learning process for me. I dont hunt (I hunted Humans in Beriutso deer or groundhogs seem to easy in my mind) so I dont understand the problems with hunting for disabled on non disabled fact the only "hunter" i know is my x brother in law who once a year goes up north to a fenced in deer area sits in a tree and has the deer driven too him... so I cant understand there being a problem for my 15 yr old over weight bassetthound hunting a deer that way....compared to actualy hunting stalking and feild dressing a deer. That is why I read but did not post a reply..
    For me, I just accept that people in general dont understand ANY disability and are uncomfortable about talking about them...I try not to "project" that people thing bad or dont care thoughts they just dont understand....just as I can not understand how your disability inpacts your life...and you can not understand how mine effects me....even little things can get frustrating...I have 0 depth perception...I leave my car sticking out 3ft when I park it...not something a person thinks about.

    Just my point of view...enjoy hunting...enjoy life.

    Bob Wolfley
  5. Thanks Bob: One vet to another, I appreciate ya brother and what you have done for the good ol USA. I deal with the VA math also,but, what can ya do, grin and bare it I guess. I agree with your comment about people not finding words. I was like that for awhile then I opened up and can"t seem to shut my mouth by crackey, I do a lot of yakin on some other forums. My computer gets me around pretty good, meet a lot of people with problems worse than mine, makes me feel blessed. You all can go huntin, real stalkem huntin, with me sometime, ain't no fenced in deer on dis place. Never understood the joy of gamefarm huntin. Its a crazy world I guess, just more fodder for the antis.
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    Remember that this site has had over 60 views. People don't stop by just to see what's going on. They, too, are interested, but may feel uneasy getting into it because they don't have a disability or that their disability isn't as "bad". My invitation is for viewers to join in and give little/big hints on what they do to make their hunts easy due to arthritis, age, vision disability, etc, etc. If they have questions towards people with "disabilities" go ahead and ask. ie: MY twin brother just had a stroke a month ago. He will be able to golf and hunt, but at this point he can't read and has trouble saying a full sentence. Does anyone know what he/we will be having trouble with in the field?
  7. Jerry, it's taras. I too have a twin he's not a stroke victim, but is mentally challenged.Our family ain't had a lot of luck lately what with my closet uncle, my Father, another close uncle dieng, myself ending up with some major dis-abilities, etc. Sorry abt.your bro. One of the reasons I suggested a tips and tricks catagorie was for this! Even with my problems, I coach special olympics(big challenge as i'm NOT a sports buff0 and with the Legion work with elderly, whom many suffered strokes.Plenty of people out there could help more with a forum on tips to go to'
    You never said the danage of the stroke so I don't know whatmore to offer, plus am outta space.Istart new thread/
  8. Jerry, if you didn't see a reply from shortly after yours, then somethig went wrong on the system. It said all my stuff was turned off, or some-thing, but feel free to e-mail, I will start a new thread and see if that works.
  9. Jerry K.

    Jerry K. G&G Newbie

    Taras, you and I are of the same breed. My son was struck by a car and has a number of disabilities. I've taught him to bowl left handed and to hunt with my mag. pistols. I also am active with Wis. Special Olympics. My son has taken a number of Gold, Silver, Bronze medals. I'm very proud of him. You have to excuse me I have to go work and make some money. I'll be back on line in 9 hours. I always enjoyed getting on this forum, but it had slowed down for awhile. Hopefuly we can get together again. Jerry K.
  10. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    hi ya"ll i am disabled but like to hunt and shoot too but can't do that no more . well not with the guns i'd like to . i got hurt at work 3 years ago. i have had 2 neck surgeris one was a fusion with a plate at the C 6/7 area. then they went back in a year later and put a cage in at the C3/4 are and took out the plate in the 6/7 area. well i took another mri a week ago and the spinal cord at the 6/7 are never came back to it's original they want to go back in and take out the cage now . but i got a 13 year old son that likes to shoot .so i watch him. i'm only 33 years old and will never work again .but i try not to miss out on anything .:D :)
  11. Still in the game

    Hey Tommy, maybe you aren't playing ball any more but your still in the game!!! Isn't the coach the most important team member, or is it the supportive parents, and spectators?
    They all play important roles. It's good to hear you stayed interested. I too am disabled in the neck and back, too bad to hear you are too, but there is still lots ya can do.
    After my accident I had abt. 3 months bed rest. Once I could get up, I planted a couple trees. Then 'bout the 1st thing I'd do every morning, was go outside to them, smell 'em and tell myself that I would get to go back to the bush,and camp again.
    That fall I did! Had to sleep in the car on the reclining seat, but I still got out. Keep the faith buddy.
  12. Tommy: One of the greatest things in my life was watching my two sons grow up to be me. They each have some of my traits, both all of them. They are 30 & 38, when I need them they come running. Seems like we are even closer after my little bump in the road. They love the outdoors, huntin, and shootin just like me.So hang in there buddy, watch your son grow to be a man, the best in life is yet to come, "by crackey"
  13. I am sorry,but also you too Jerry K, get ahead of myself sometimes, "by crackey".
  14. Jerry K.

    Jerry K. G&G Newbie

    I don't have any disabilities, except for my I.Q, but my son does,from being hit by a car while he was riding his bike. There's one thing I've learned from my son and from listening to you individuals on this forum, and that's never give up on "anything". My son is blind in one eye and has tunnel vision in the other. He's paralyzed on the right side and part. paralyzed in the right leg, has head aches off and on, at 24 years old his mental capacity is that of a 14 year old, has short term memory lose and with this he has a 106 bowling avg., 6 medals and dozens of ribbons from Special Olympics. He shoots my mag. pistols very well. Even though he can't say a full sentence he gets his point over to me. We joke around alot and have loads of fun. My best friends can't give me what my son gives to me.
    I'm sorry for going on like this, guys like you and my son make my life more enjoyable just knowing you all. This isn't bull, this the honest truth. If I've said anything that may have come out wrong, please forgive me. Keep the faith for me and Todd. Thanks, Jerry K.
  15. tommy

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    hey ya'll i have been disabled for 3 years now and it has not been a fun ride . i would like to say a few things . i have a few friends that think sitting home and not going to work is fun. well it is not some people just don't understand the word (disabled) . it is not fun when your kids ask you to do something and you have to say i can't do that .or if your kid ask did you fix this for me and you didn't cause you were in pain.sure i have real bad headaches and severe back pain. but the real pian comes from not being able to enjoy life with your kids and familly. i get the coment all the time from my kids . they say you never want to do wife too says it sometimes and that hurts worse that the neck pain. i have had people tell me that if they were home diabled that they would go in the shed and make things and go fishin with the kids. like build stuff out of wood and stuff like that.but they just don't understand i can't. if i could i would be at work and i would have a life. so i just don't talk to them any my new list of friends are all on this forum. it is hard to talk to someone who does not have a disability cause they can't understand that pain that comes with it. when i talk to some people and tell them i got hurt at work the first thing they say is boy you goin to get alot of money. exactly what am i goin to do with all that money. thet same thing i'm doin right now nuthin. the money does not make the pain go away.this is not directed to any one in this forum. for it seems that you all know where i'm comin from is so embarrising when i go shopping with my wife and she has to lift the big heavy stuff while i watch or watch a kid and his dad play football or baseball. sorry to ramble on like this but i have no body that will understand where i'm comin from.i used to build offshore cranes for a living. and go offshore to repair them. not anymore. when i had my last surgery i actually was thinkin what it would be like if i just past on on the operating table then my familly can move on. don't get me wronge i am not suicidal. i had a friend that did that and it still bothers me today i can't do that to my familly.thats not an optionand will never be one.i just want moer people to understand the word disabled. it does not mean dis interested. sorry to ramble on but had to get it out .know what i mean
  16. I do know what you mean. But people would more than miss, they would be lost without you. After losing my Uncle Dad, I feel like he took the "family" as we are all drifting apart. He kept us together and know my kin folk bicker abt. every thing.
    Don't feel embarrassed abt. someone doing things your un-able to, the only people who should be embarrasssed are ones who can do things and never offer to help.
  17. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    hey taras don't get the wronge idea i'm not goin any where. and the part about being disabled and not dis interrested is that . i know this guy and his wife that kept on saying to me (boy it must be nice to sit at homeand collect easy free money that i don't earn.and that i am lazy cause i don't work around my house all daybuilding stuff.they say if it was them they would be doin all kind of stuff.) it is coments like that that get me fired up.but when i make a comment about them . they e mail my wife and she startsin on me . about i don't have to be so rude to them.i mean this is a guy who on the way home from playin cards at my house saw a car flip over and the guy hangin out of the car. and do you know what he did . this is the honest to god truth. he past on buy and said to his wife i don't want to get involved and some one else will he stoped at a store down the raod told the clerk and went home to bed. saddly to say that there is a cross on the side of the raod now.another time we were watchin the kids ride the 4 wheelers in the woods well one of them tried to go up a steep ditch. the 4 wheeler flipped over on top of them me and there brother junped in to help get them out. this other guy just stood there and watched didn't even move to come help us. and another time we were walkin in the woods and his wife had just got her cast off from her anklei had to help her down the hills while he wife was shocked to see this too. sorry to ramble on but this guy really erks me .
  18. Sure know what your saying Tommy. One of the main reasons my ex left was cuz I rarely took her out anywhere and lots, make that most of the missed social engagements, and important events. Don't you just hate it when your so called friends ask for favours followed by the quote "after all your not working' and have more time than me"?
    Not working, hell some days it's more work to get out of bed than any job I ever did on the farm,including pitching hay bales. I try to hang out with understanding people and submurge myself in things I can do. I also have found that sometimes I can do things I thought I couldn't but most importantly found things to do I never did before.
  19. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    yea people without a disability don't look at you the same way anymore . you feel left out . you can't talk about what happened at work that day . you can't talk to them about you'er pain cause they don't understand pain. like you i would rather talk to someone with a disability.they know what you'er going through.they know how you feel .and they don't call you lazy just because you can't do certain things. I'm still a person. i'm still alive . i like to do things but i can't.when people ask me if i work and i tell them no it kinda looks like they change the way they look at you

    i would love to go back to work and have a purpose for that day.
    i used to build cranes for offshore driling rigs. i built supply boats for offshore . i like the fact that something i built was going to be used for 20/30/even 40 years from now. but that has changed

    i went for another EMG test the other day and it shows that i have permenant nerve damage in my arms so that shot my hopes of going back to work unless they come up with a cure for nerve damage.

    you hang in there Taras it never rains forever . the rain will stop one day and the sun will shine again.
  20. Yeah a cure for nerve damage would suit me fine. I'd love to return to work even if it was polishing toilets with a toothbrush for minimum wage. That is one of the hardest parts, when some-one asks where I work. I got ordained as a lark and for tax purposes (pretty easy and only costs 10 bucks, some places are free, and it's legal) so I just say im a reverand, then for sure they look at me different but it makes for good people watching, as they start watching they're language etc. even though I'm smokin' drinkin' and cussin' myself.
    On a serious note it is embarrassing to me when someone I haven't seen in a while asks me, Usually tell them I'm heavily involved in the Legion and let them assume I'm employed there.
    I also do income tax, and prepare documents etc. out of my home, when I can at the hours I feel well enough, which is usually evening or late at night. More of a hobby than anything else, don't even keep me in beer money but I can say I'm self employed without lying and leave it at that.
    Next time some-one asks ya' say you work from home, an internet thing. After all some days it is work just to stand back up after being on the computer isn't it.