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    I'm considering a Beretta/Taurus full size, and would like to be able to take it down without tools into slide, frame, and barrel. Can anyone tell me if this is feasible with the Beretta?
  2. I have one

    Howdy BattleRifle!

    I have a 92 FS. Field stripping for routine cleaning is as easy as poping in a clip and firing 10 rounds!

    There is a release lever on the frame, push in the locking button on the right side of the frame and rotate the lever on the left side of the frame down.

    Once in position the slide will free itself and pop forward. Just pull the slide off the frame.

    You now have 3 parts. The Frame, the magazine clip, and the slide assembly.

    To renove the barrel etc, from the frame, depress the spring on the guidepin by pushing on the cap end of the guide pin. You only need to move it a hair. Now back the guide pin and spring out of the front end of the frame.

    You now have 4 parts, the frame, the slide and the guide rod/spring assembly.

    Now tip the slide, and remove the barrel assembly.

    You are now field stripped and readyto clean. Beretta has a detailed diagram of the gun on their web site, I think. But regular cleanng is easy and there are no tools involved.

    For a deep cleaning and total, or near total disasembly you will need a few tools, and a little more experience with things that go springing out of a handgun frame if you are not careful.

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    i have a beretta 92fs as well and it could not be easier to dis-assemble. it takes about 4-5 seconds total to pull it apart. i thought my sig was easy to break down, but the berreta is a cinch. it also shoots nice too. i got a 5.01 second score at the last pin shot i went to (and it was only my second time at a pin shoot!) and it was with standard issue beretta. you'll love the gun.
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    Field stripping to basic barrel, slide & frame is very simple. One of the more user friendly guns available! ;)