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Dispatching wounded feathered game.

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One can wring the necks of larger, heavy birds as pheasant, but this would be hard to do on dove, quail and grouse maybe. Biting a dove's head off looks too gross so I think I would keep a small pair of serrated kitchen shears with locking blades in my hunting vest for that purpose. What do you think? I'm planning taking up dove hunting and have to be prepared for that possibilty. Beheading a small bird seems most civilized. I would twirl that rooster a couple times for good measure. Hanging head means broken neck. For a wounded dove, I would just hold the bird over the game bucket by the head and carefully sever the neck with the shears so as not to injure my hand. The dove body drops right in, slam dunk, two points!

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I'd think just twisting the head, very hard, would be enough for a dove. Birds have little skinny necks. Biting it off might expose you to all kinds of bacteria and parasites.

I really wish I had a video of my great-uncle the chicken farmer wringing the necks of two chickens at once.
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I've literally seen a Canada gander try to challenge a pickup truck.
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