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    I found a lot of good info/links on another forum as I was trolling the net and thought I would post it here for all the DIY AK Builders.

    AK Parts Breakdown
    555th Jig Print (PDF)
    K-Var AK Parts Poster ($5)
    Basic AK-47 Dimensions (PDF)
    US Army AK-47 Manual
    Romanian SAR Manual (ZIP)
    AK-47 CAD Files (ZIP)
    Ace Arms Updated Template
    16 Countable Parts of the AK
    Rear Trunnion Prints
    Ulfrikr's AK Blueprints On Paper
    Pookie's Diagram and Blueprint Collection (lots of them)
    Plinker's Rivet Jig Info
    DIY Guns
    Pookie's Dimensions and Measurements
    AK Parts Count
    AK Blueprints
    Exploded AK Diagram - Simple
    AK Variants/Problems Rant
    LARGE Selection of AK Manuals for download
    AK Variants Info
    Rivet Jig Plans
    Gunco's Reference Library
    AK Rear Trunion Rivet Jig Drawing/Pics
    Top Rail Step Down Jig Drawing

    Headspace Guages
    Dave Manson Precision Reamers
    Pacific Tool and Gauge
    Numrich Gun Parts
    Midway USA

    Jigs: Yugo Flat Bending
    32ndsigbn's Yugo Jig - $150 + $75 to do Romy flats too - $ 89 - RSN (real soon now [​IMG] + $50 to do Romy flats too
    DeadFord's Bending Jig - $ 150
    Boss Brake

    Jigs: Romainian Flat Bending - $ 89 Bottom / $ 59 Top
    DPH Arms - $ 150 Bottom / Hammer Top - $ 165 Bottom / $ 210 Bottom+Top
    DeadFord's Bending Jig - $ 150
    OSI Flat Bending Jig - $ 500
    Red Star Arms (same as AK-Builder)
    555th Bending Jig - DIY
    Greenlight Arms Bending Jig - DIY
    M&M Gunsmithing - DIY
    GGG Tools & Jigs - DIY
    Boss Brake

    Jigs: Other

    DPH Arms
    AK Barrel Tool - DIY
    GGG Tools & Jigs - DIY
    Magwell Dimples - DIY
    M&M Gunsmithing - DIY
    Plinker's Rivet Jig
    Dead Ford
    FREEFALLE7's Rivet Jig Plans Thread
    GunThings Rivet Jig $46
    DIY Simple Rivet Tool
    Boss Brake

    James Bardwell's BATF Letters Site
    80 Percent Receiver FAQ

    Miscellaneous AK Parts
    DPH Arms
    DSG Arms
    Ohio Rapid Fire
    Red Stick / Red Jacket Firearms
    Veriforce Tactical
    CenterFire Systems
    Military Guns Supply
    Dallas Tactical
    Russian Military Stuff
    APEX Gun Parts
    Joeken Firearms
    Ironwood Designs
    Gun Accessories
    Atlantic Firearms
    Arsenal USA / Global Trades
    AIM Surplus
    Hotbarrel's Pistons
    Pookie's Magazine Floorplates
    Numrich Gun Parts
    Red Star Arms
    Power Custom
    Gun Parts Guy
    Falcon Arms
    Island Tactical
    Black Thorne Products
    Classic Arms
    TDI Arms
    Century Arms
    Midwest Armory
    AK-47 World
    Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns
    Choate Machine & Tools
    AK Concepts
    OneSource Tactical
    Dead Ford
    Krebs Custom
    Mako Tactical
    AK USA
    FTF Industries
    JG Sales
    Vector Arms
    Florida GunWorks
    Elite Firearms
    US Armory
    SKS Man
    Sportsman's Guide
    Arizona Response Systems
    NC Parts 67

    Parts Kits

    DPH Arms
    Copes Distributing
    Ohio Rapid Fire
    APEX Gun Parts
    Akron Armory
    Black Thorne Products
    Classic Arms
    Century Arms
    Military Gun Supply
    FTF Industries
    US Armory
    Sportsman's Guide
    NC Parts 67

    Receivers - 100 Percent
    Ohio Rapid Fire
    CenterFire Systems
    Joeken Firearms
    Arsenal USA / Global Trades
    Firing Line - Milled AK Receiver
    Vector Arms
    Florida GunWorks - Milled Receiver

    Receivers - Bent Blanks - Bent Blank Page
    Tannery Shop
    GGG Bent Blanks
    Cold Steel Bent Blanks
    Stainless Bent Blanks

    Receivers - Flats
    DPH Arms
    Copes Distributing
    Tannery Shop
    Joeken Flats
    Red Star Arms
    Power Custom
    Gun Parts Guy
    Midwest Armory

    Receivers - Plates for Welding
    Sten Parts

    Saiga Stuff
    MD Arms Saiga-12 Drum
    Dinzag Arms
    Saiga Conversion
    Shooting Enthusiast - Saiga Conversion


    GGG Spot Welding Tongs
    Pin Spanner Wrenches
    Front Trunnion Hole Locator Tool
    Front Sight Adjustment Tool
    Bolt Cutter & Rivet Tools - email only : [email protected]
    Trunnion Drill Bits - 4mm & 4.4mm - 25 cents
    Harbor Freight Bolt Cutter - $6.99 - Item # 41148-1VGA
    Screw Kit and Taps
    Hammer's HF Bolt Cutter Mod

    How To Build An AK Type Rifle Tutorials
    GGG Tutorials
    Pookie's Construction Info
    Bolt Disassembly Tutorial
    Removing & Installing Fire Control Groups
    SangRun's Build an AK
    AKParts Build Info
    Bolt Cutter Rivet Tool - HowTo
    Trigger Slap Fix
    Gunco's Bent Blank Tutorial
    Bolt Stripping HowTo
    Gas Piston Replacement HowTo
    Spot Welder Tong Modificaton
    HF Bolt Cutter Modification HowTo
    Field Stripping The AK
    AK-47 HowTo Rental Videos
    Trigger Rivet Jig - DIY
    Notching an AK-47 Safety Selector Lever for Bolt Hold-Open
    SoupToNuts AK-47 Build Tutorial
    AMD 65 Build
    Using the DPH flat bending jig
    Fitting the Receiver to the Trunnions
    Heat Treating
    Pressing Barrel - HeadSpacing
    Using the 555th Jig
    Hints on Removing Barrel Pin
    Building the AK Receiver
    Building A Romanian AK-47
    AK Stock Replacement
    Screwing Together An AK
    AK-47 Build Video $ 30
    Bending Flats Tutorial
    Officer960's Build Tutorial
    FCG Assembly/Disassembly
    Pirate 4x4 Long Build-It Thread
    Dimple w/Ball Bearings Thread
    AK-47 Build CD - $10.75
    MoonDoggy's AK Build It Yourself Video Tutorial (register)
    Headspace Gauge Drawing

    [ame=""]How To Build (bend) an AK-47 Receiver - YouTube[/ame]
    Discovery Channel - AK-47

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    WOW!, Thanks for all the info and links, it must have took quite a while to
    comprise all of those sites. I built an Ak from a Romy kit around 4-5 years
    ago. Since kits are so scarce, costly, don't have barrels and such. The current trend as I see it is to convert a Saiga, or just buy a completed rifle. Its a shame too, you used to be able to buy a kit and build a better rifle for the same or less than a completed rifle. I rather doubt I'll ever build another one,
    unless I run accross a killer deal on a Yugo M95 .223. Thats a rifle I would definately like to build. :)
  3. ryan_h

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    Im starting my first AK build from a romy reciever flat and I think Im going to make my own jig. I dont know how well its going to work but it will be a fun ecperiance.
  4. R5CYA

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    awesome info. i'm gonna see if i can get a mod to make it, "stick"!
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