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if there were more Dillon owners out there that were dissatisfied, you would think the thread would have grown with others chiming in over 9 years?? one guy, 9 years ago had a problem with a commercial machine and vented his frustrations on here. funny thing is, I have never seen or heard of a "Dillon Dealer" before. everything was sold factory direct to keep consumer cost down by eliminating a middle man markup.

I bought my own piece of Dillon equipment, a 550, after I had been reloading for a few years. that was back in the 1980's. thousands and thousands of rounds have passed thru that machine (3 to 5 thousand a year) with no failures due to design or workmanship. I've messed up and stripped a thread once, and flat wore out powder measures (tilt and bind on the top stroke) and Dillon has replaced my problems for no charge.

say what you want, buy what you wish, but the lack of complaints from other owners on this thread say far more than just words...
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