do bullet trajectories change with temperatures?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lyon, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. lyon

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    If it's hot or cold ,does it change the trajectory?
  2. Robert

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    Yes, according to info I have seen, temperature affects ballistics as well as your elevation from sea level. I am sure that other things affect ballistics as well. If elevation from Sea level affects trajectory, that would be based on air pressure, so I would imagine that a day with low heavy clouds (high pressure) or a clear sunny day (low pressure) would also affect a bullet. These are very slight changes and not very noticable I would think. Go to Federal's site. They have a download for ballistics, you can change temperature and sea level and see how it will affect your bullet.

  3. sadiehn

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    Their are manny things that affect a loads (not only Bullet)preformence and temp plays a big role if you hand load a load worked up at 40% willwork difrent than at 70% humidity and barimetric presures all come to play elavation above sea level also comes in
  4. shaddownone

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    YES !

    Like NASCAR they found the lower the temp the dense-er the air.
    More Oxygen, the digger the bang, more pressure inside barrel.
    More pressure in barrel the faster the projectile flies to cover a certain distance.
    The faster it flies (Feet Per Sesond) the less it falls compaired to a slower same weight projectile. Drop per foot covered.

    Gravity works on all things the same, what falls first. 1lb of sugar or 1lb of lead...
  5. Dennis

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    as the other posts explain there are many varibles involved
    the differences dont get very noticable until you get out to greater ranges.
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    For my 1000th post, I thought I'd ^^^^*BUMP*^^^^ this old thread for a bit of nostalgia.

    Don't get all weepy-eyed now!:smirk: :D
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    'Gravity works on all things the same, what falls first. 1lb of sugar or 1lb of lead..."

    Whichever you let go of first, LOL !!
  8. Well,

    air does become denser as it gets colder. Elevation also has an effect on the physics of the air.
    Humidity also figures into the air situation.

    But, I guess honesty is the best policy so I will just tell you I am not a good enough shot to explain missing something on either the density or the humidity of the air. :09:
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    Since a pound of sugar is a wider mass,the atmosphere would slow it more than the lead if the lead was in a ball.Now,if the sugar were just poured out ,,,,,,,,I give up.Which is it,really? As to the original question,I'll try to figure it out.Should be able to.Maybe. ,,,sam.
  10. killer

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    My personal experience in Minnesota out to 200 yards is NO IT DOES NOT. My varmint guns are sighted in during short sleeve weather and later fired in temps as low as minus 20 degrees and I have seen no change in point of impact.

    I have seen guys who leave their ammo laying out in the hot sun during gun club shoots find out...THAT will change point of impact.
  11. grizcty

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    If your shooting long distance.
    With out a doubt!