Do Charter Arms .357 Bulldogs exist?

Discussion in 'Charter Arms' started by Fitz Grips, Jun 9, 2002.

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    Many years ago when the Charter Arms company was formed I made a Fitz Gunfighter GF grip for the .357 Mag Bulldog and the 44Mag Bulldog. I found a customer for the 44 who was happy with it but never found anyone for the .357 Bulldog grip. I am glad I never went in to production on them and wonder if any one has a .357 Bulldog that would give this Cherry wood grip a good home. It has been lonesome in my barn for the last 26 years.

    Thanks Paul Jones retired 1979
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    I've heard of them...never saw one though

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    I know that this is an old thread but I have been looking for grips for my bulldog .357 and would love to get a hold of a good set.
  4. HI feller !!! yepper it's a pretty old thread.
    I see your a new member so WELCOME to GUN and GAME and thanks for joining.
    I hope you hang around and we see you often here.
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    Welcome g22!

    My .44 special bulldog uses CHA-G or CHA-C grips from Pachmyr.

    Good luck !
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    Thnks for the welcome and the tip guys!
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    Bulldog .357 grips

    Do you still have the grips? My friend has a Charter Arms Bulldog .357 that is in mint condition but the grips are too small for his hand. I know he'd love to change to a newer set.