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Do Nazi's run the CSP Forum??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ltcboy, Jul 9, 2002.

Is Rick a troublemaker, insulting, and only trying to drum up business for himself?

Poll closed Jul 16, 2002.
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  1. I posted a question as to why Rick Borecky is barred from the CSP M1 Garand forum. Another person inquired about obtaianing his email address so he could contact him concerning M1 stock info. In response to this persons inquiry, another person had to post Ricks email in a "coded" way because his email address automatically is removed from the forum if you type it in the correct way. When I posted a question concerning this, I was responded to with the answer that Rick causes nothing but trouble and is only trying to "drum" up business. I responded I have never known Rick to be a troublemaker or dishonest. As far as trying to drum up business the CSP has people selling firearems, ammo, etc., on their want ads. Arent they trying to "drum" up business? When I posted this exact statement it was censored and removed by the webmaster.

    Gentlemen, I think that this is very unprofessional and petty. I think the real reason the CSP webmaster has barred Rick Borecky from the forum is because he does excellant work for practically nothing, and is not a participating sponsor giving the CSP forum $$$. This is basically the real reason why this crap happend.

    If I were to ask anybody that remotely knows "Stock Doc" in this forum, I am willing to bet they will see by his postings he always has an honest answer to any question. As many of you have seen by his pics that he has shown us concerning the work he does on stocks, we all know he is second to none. This is what really pisses of the CSP forum because they also know this. They're really pissed at the fact that Rick probably does a better job than some of their "professional" sponsors who refinish stocks for triple or quadruple the price.

    I didnt mean to get on a soap box here but in this poll do you think Stock Doc is a troublemaker trying to drum up business, or do you think he is a guy who enjoys a hobby, likes to help and better others who enjoy our hobby, and does fantastic work on stocks?
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  2. Although I don't know StockDoc personally, I can only say what I have observed of him in his posts and replies to be a gentleman and one who appears honest.

    There have been many other forum members that have done business with him and if he were less than honorable I am sure it would have been known by now.

    You can tell a lot of a man's (or woman's) character by the words they speak. Although nothing verbal is given or heard here the type of phrases and wording says just as much. StockDoc's character is A-OK in my book.

    I don't think he is using this site to make a buck. I do believe, however, he is using his talents by doing quality work. The fact he charges and gets paid for it is not surprising. It's all about making a living. But, taking advantage of this site and the members? NOT!

    Sometimes it only takes ticking off a 'leader' in a room and an unfair reputation is given. This may well be the case at CSP.

    That's my opinion.....fer sure....yepper.

    PS: What is CSP?
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  3. CSP is Culver Shooting Page-- Rick was a member of this forum and is barred by the webmaster for "being a troublemaker & only using the forum to drum up business". Go figure!?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    StockDoc is a-ok in my book also.
  5. Man I agree-- Stock Doc-- I wasn't even aware of the ban. If you are going to ban somebody then show it on every site. Come on administrators what's up.
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  6. I have nothing but good to say about Rick (he has a classy first name, for starters!). I do think that since the Culvers own the website - they set the rules. I really don't want to get in the middle of the "discussions" on this. I enjoy the CSP website but have had many good reports on Rick and would send him my stock business (and probably will someday).
  7. CSP-- do they own this site? If so I don't deserve to be here either. I am a senior poster, but never have said so before. Stock Doc is mild mannered compared to me. Lenny--no disrespect, but what's up?
  8. laudpg

    laudpg G&G Newbie

    I have the highest respect for StockDoc. He hates to see people cheated by anyone who stamps phony marks on stocks and said so loud and clear. He has done several stocks for me and his work is excellent. His prices are very good. As far as drumming up sales, this is pure BS. He readily shares his methods with anyone; and encourages people to do their own work. A first rate guy in every respect.
    George L.
  9. It is not a long time that i know Rick but I understand that it is a really good guy, I post him some picture from italy and he did for me a favor to revert theme to the forum ( I own him some new pictures ), It his really great, he bring piece of history in a new life ,He love what his doing on the stocks and he like to share this with us.

    Ciao riccardo
  10. DaveTinNY

    DaveTinNY G&G Newbie

    My honest opinion is that one of the owners of the CSP possibly has a personal gripe with Rick. From what I've "seen" of Rick over the years on the Garand forum prior to this latest incarnation is that he's a classy, caring guy that does a hell of a job bringing pieces of history (M1 stocks among others) back to life. What's wrong with offering services *especially* if the price is right. It seems to me he gives the best advice and services out there for less - usually for *free*! What a novelty!
    Rick Borecky can hang around here all he wants if you ask me.
    Dave T
  11. Having defended RickB, I also have to say that my relations with the Culvers have also be great - yes, I think Gloria runs a "taut ship": but with all the diverse personalities and subjects that show up, I'm not sure she has a choice (look what happened to G&K).

    I would agree there may have been a personality clash, somewhere; I would like to see Rick back on CSP. However, it's their website so you play by their rules - just as I would on this one.
  12. I think banning someone for "life" is pretty extreme, I also think laudpg hit another very good point.
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  13. JimE2

    JimE2 G&G Newbie

    I got a M1 stock set for a beater CMP Dane M1 from RickB. aka StockDoc. I was happy. Good communication, great pictures. I knew exactly what I was getting. Sometimes the CSP topics get heated, espically on the M1 board, and I think RickB. must have said something about restoring stocks that, for some reason, rubbed Gloria the wrong way. This is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to one including RickB. I don't think it warranted a ban from the CSP site. I also think stock restoration is a hot topic on that forum, and is lacking in knowledge and detail, now the RickB is no longer allowed to post. CSP's loss, not RickB's. I'm glad I found him over here.
  14. I agree a "lifetime ban" might have been a little too much. A cooling off time would have been better - maybe a month or so. However, we probably don't don't all the angles, either. One of the reasons I check this forum is to read what Rick has to say, too. I do value his opinions and I agree he has been more than willing to share his knowledge.
  15. TKH

    TKH G&G Newbie

    Their loss, that's for sure. If you read Rick's posts, he always has advice for people on how to finish their own stocks, and always answers questions regarding stocks and other areas of interest. For free. How that is construed as "drumming up business" is beyond me. Rick is an asset to this forum. And his work is excellent. Rick, I know your advise is appreciated, keep up the good work!
  16. JackT

    JackT G&G Newbie

    Rick's info has always been helpful and given freely. Especially like the free info on cleaning up rifles just delivered from the CMP. Glad to have him around
  17. Well as it stands for the record, Mrs. Culver , from the CSP forum was NOT able to produce the post that I made that was censored and removed. She claims it was archived but I looked to no avail. I am not trying to make chicken salad out of chicken ****, but its merely the principle that it was wrong that it was removed because the content was "controversial". The post itself must have just got up and deleted itself.
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  18. M1 Collector

    M1 Collector G&G Newbie

    Setting the record straight.

    Don't blame the Culver's for Rick B's downfall. Blame Rick B.

    The Culver's (CSP owners) gave Rick MORE than enough chances to stop his very insulting personal attacks and rudeness towards his fellow M1 collectors that took place over the last three years.

    Rick was given numerous warnings before each of three different outright bans (Bans are very uncommon on CSP!). He was more than graciously allowed to return after the first two outright bans from the CSP website. Each time he returned with the same rude, insulting, and unmannerly behavior. He even went so far as to send threatening, and unbecoming emails to the CSP webmaster as well. Still he was given yet a third chance after several months of cooling off.

    The third and last ban occurred when the webmaster discovered Rick Borecky was posting anonymously with more personal attacks, verified by his ISP address which was evident to the webmaster.

    Rick does do good stock work and is passionate about his work, helping others, and M1 collecting, however, the Culver's should not be made out to be the villains on this in any way, shape, or form.

    Just wanted to set the record straight with the truth. From a CSP observer and particpant of four years.
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  19. ltcboy,
    IMHO I think you've proved your point and I think that further discussion will serve no purpose. I'm sure there are two sides to this discussion and speaking as one who has always had good relations with Rick B AND the Culvers, I'm not sure what the final objective is of all this.

    I DON'T flame, but felt the need to give my honest opinion.
  20. WOW! I'm now a "senior member"! Thanks for the promotion!
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