Do you believe in science?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Jun 19, 2002.

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  2. Yes I do, but explain one thing to me Why can't scientists explain all the wonders of GOD. Example--the human body. Our composition is so complicated that men of science can't explain it all.
    Oxford--very cool site I have always enjoyed astronomy.
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    WHY ask WHY

    Alan your question is ridiculous. Why not ask why people didn't know how to do open heart surgery 100 yrs ago or why we didn't drive 200 yrs ago.

    I am curious as to why the Bible is so vague about alot of stuff. I guess God just wanted us to figure some things out for ourself.
  5. Yes it was ridiculous. But you didn't get the point did you.
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    alan youll never learn anything

    just chalk everything up to "god did it" or "god created it, we dont need to understand it". Why not just stay home and let god handle everything... The religious nuts get all bent out of shape when science makes a big leap foreward. i.e. Don't clone humans. Don't tell me the earth is round, Heretic! What are they so afraid of?
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    I think the more relevent question is:

    Do you really need an answer to everything to get by?

    All I need to know is if it works or not. The why and how can come later, or not at all. Let those who've more free time on their hands explore the philosophical. God and science both have got my life going full tilt bozo.

    Personally, I don't think either one could ever explain a teenage daughter.
  8. The point I was trying to make is that science cannot explain everything. If you want to try and understand everything--go for it. As far as cloning humans -- hope it doesn't turn out with your mind set. Lenny I respect your opinion and God bless.
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    Thank´s for the nice Website it´s good to make kids and grownups dream...
    Science is everywere around us...

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    I believe in God & science. They aren't mutually exclusive...I don't think God cares how you come to him....Just that you finally came back around...It's not the chosen few who go to Heaven....It's the few who choose.
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    I believe in science because it enables the limited intelligence that God gave us to understand our world and each other a little better...and hopefully when science helps us define the physical world, then we can make that mental leap into God's spiritual realm.

    Yes, science can be wrong many times, but that doesn't mean that it's principles of defining physicality and gaining knowledge from research are totally bunk...I mean, isn't this spiritual vs. physical debate exactly what the Apostle Thomas(Doubting Thomas) was worried about and inquiring with Jesus?

    PS...without the concepts of gathering empirical data, analysis of past recordable phenomena, creating theories, making projections on the behaviour of physical events, and old-fashioned experimentation, we would not have guns or firearms technology today!
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